So, who's going to Siggraph 2010?


So - who’s going? :wip:



I’ll be going for the first time… well, I actually wandered through the exhibits about 12 years ago, but this will be the first ‘real time’ of going.

I was an editor in Los Angeles for about 15 years and am in the process of switching over to VFX, my original love, right now. Looking forward to getting back out there for SIGGRAPH.

Take it easy!


Me and my buddy are going. I guess I’ll see you there.


Yep. You can count us in too. We’ll be there.


I’m gonna be there for the second time, hope it will be fun like the first time


I’ll be there!


I am going. First timer.


(In the voice of The Dude)

“Far Out. I’ll be there, man.”


I’m going for the first time. I’m still a college student and the whole event seems incredibly huge, and honestly it’s a little intimidating! Anyone have tips or advice for first timers?


Most important, wear comfortable clothes and shoes (wish I knew that for my first SIGGRAPH). Some rooms might have the AC at full power so maybe a light jacket or long sleeve shirt can help.


I’ll be here for my sixth Siggraph!

I’m so impatient!

Any Couch surfer here?


I’ll be there for my first time, and I’m very excited about it.
Has a “first timer”, I have a question:
-during the jobfair, do we have to register for the recruting session with studio ? (I guess yes), and how ? (in front off the stand days before, online…)
Thanks in advance.


The Job Fair is just a bunch of stands, at most you will have to stand a line for a little while (especially for big game and film studios). For the most part you check their listings and drop you resume and/or reel. The real value comes with talking directly with HR people, artists and technicians from the studios (see what they’re looking for, ask them questions, etc.). You might get a callback if they like what you have.


There’s a lot of artists attending the event that I’m dying to meet, I’ll definitely be there.

Edit: Never mind it’s in Asia


I’ll be going. 3rd time overall, second time to LA. Went last year to New Orleans.


I’ll be there too. See you there Ryan.



Ill be there…


I’ll be there! Job fair here I come!


I will be there!


i won’t be there unfortunatly !
i hope autodesk streams there master classes online :cool: like last year.