So what models do/scenes do you wish people would stop making?


It seems some models/scenes in short films and demo reels are bound to have the same kinds of things.

So what kind of things are you tired of seeing in shorts/demo reels? :smiley:

One of mine is, I’m tired of seeing Viking-like characters or big mech/robots.


I rather like the robots. I don’t think people are doing enough of those.

There isn’t really anything I’m tired of seeing… wait, now I know. Cars. There are people who model nothing but cars…


if you absolutely have to model orc, come up with new one!


CARS CARS CARS :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


Demons. The pit is surely filled to capacity with cg minions, by now.

  • Cars rendered in infinity curve type environments (booooring)
  • Mechs (boooring)
  • Photorealistic human attempts (what’s the point??)
  • Boring demons with horns and hooves (how about something different?)
  • Spaceships (they’ve been done to death)


Yep, Cars…

… And heavily Zbrushed demons :rolleyes:


It does not matter if its done at a very very high level it is never boring.

I like to see more earth worms people really dont model earth worms the way they used to.

So if your going to do some thing generic just do it well you your talent should shine.

leigh im sorry the art work im working on now has Photorealistic human / Spaceships.
I think it could be the most generic image ever, or maybe not you will have to wait and see.



Yeah it’s funny people gettin off on still image cg characters!

We’re all looking for the perfect person to love obviously. But to try and create it on your comp?



Hellboy and/or The Hulk :slight_smile:


What’s the point?

points to baby from Children of Men, Redenbacher commercial, etc…

Come on Leigh, you’re in the industry. You should know there’s a significant demand for photorealistic humans.


I’m really tired of kitchens and bathrooms.

  • (Meant-to-be-)Funny short films with the same cartoony characters and overly snappy animation and the inevitable gag/twist at the end. They don’t touch me (anymore).

  • Photorealistic scenes/characters with no “unnatural” twist to them. Why not just take a photo of a man/car/building? I realize there is demand for these skills in commercial production, but these elements are then (hopefully) embedded in a meaningful context. On their own: boring.

No offense :wink:


  • iPods - There should be a primitive in every 3d package for iPods!
  • babes - There ARE other types of women
  • GI Joes - There ARE other types of men
  • Cars with stock sunset HDRI backgrounds (you know which one!)
  • Warcraft Orcs and Elves
  • Like siouxfire said, kitchens and bathrooms
  • Bryce or Terragen lanscapes with a moon reflected on a lake’s water
  • Ricer cars
  • Dragons

That said, I’d really like to see more urban environments à la Marek Denko, historic scene recreations, animals, plants. And earth worms.


That character from that movie

My workspace/desk whatever in 3d.


So what do you want to see more? As pretty everything has been done to death already :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more on the babes front needs to lessen. Nothing wrong with modeling a female, but why not model the kind of girl your likely to actually have a chance with guys, or even just girls who can actually physically exist.

Uhm Cars yea, wouldn’t mind seeing those go away, but honestly at least theres a huge commercial demand for them.

Ogres have decreased finally the few we see are more WOW influenced than LOTR, but tired of those personally.

I love architecture, but I want to see a little more real, the models are great but they so clean, so perfect, I guess thats the idea in selling a place, but personally to me I want to see a place lived in, can be clean and warm, but their needs to be influences of people living there.

There is a lot of demand for most these things, so its understnadable people do what they like and hope to one day do it themselves. I remember my fiance getting a comment form Blizzard HR at siggraph about her work not having anything to do with ogres and elves or european influenced fantasy, her style didn’t fit. so sometimes people who dedicate themselves to a certain type of work like that may land themselves a job, but there won’t be another starwars trilogy 20 years from now so why keep doing that stuff?

I think it mostly has to lie in peoples flexibility in their creativity, some people have design and concept capabilities, many don’t Someone who is an awesome modeler may not really be very good at coming up with original ideas or designing their own character so they do what they see that inspires them. The latest movie, a favourite artists work etc. I can’t blame people for doing this type of work, but I must say I rarely go into the cgtalk gallery forums anymore because 9 out of 10 pieces I don’t even want to see despite their amazing work. Chicks is my number one though, soooo tired of super realistic shaders and lighting on perfect females with breasts to large, curves to perfectly placed and doing nothing but posing. I can appreciate some that put girls into environements and poses that interest you in what they are thinking etc, but then there are many that drive me nuts as they aren’t there for anything more than guys to gawk and fantasize over.


Earth worms as previously mentioned- apparently. Go cross genre like Buck Roger villians _ like vampire aliens, werewolf aliens. The possibilities are endless. But seriously.

I think cartoons in general- well designed and something to make you laugh - Something to describe an emotion or a feeling - more than just a pretty render - a story in a still frame.



Well put, Doc.

I’d like to see more sets and scenes.


I’m tired of those man models with a hat or with no hair at all, looking to the horizon and with the eye extremely shine hehe.