So what are you working on?


I am working on a portrait/fan art. I’m at the rigging stage :wink: Here is my combat medic logo for the chest plate:


Rigging a pig in Cinema4D, for a children´s animated music video.

A follow up to this other video:



Working on a personal project, a sculpt of the Sklll kid from majoras mask in with zbrush, marvelous designer and probably max and vray for the final render.


Preparing my final for Unreal 4!


Currently working on a Camaro piece. Just finished the high poly model, now moving on the a game ready version.


Started playing around with PhoenixFD back in november for a personal project - it’s a great piece of software, even if it is a little confusing at times. Here’s what I’ve been working on with it:


Oh, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the challenge and my day to day job. What I meant was that it isn’t “putting on sunglasses” glamorous.

The comment wasn’t really meant to be taken too seriously.


Here is my latest project! :smiley:


Im working on a nice mech, now uvs and geometries testing time!
Im taking care about retopology, lighting, shading, texturing.
Original Zbrush concept from Santiago,

Now Giulia Tirelli is taking care about rig setup.
See you soon (we hope!)


The main thing on my plate right now is the creation of rigs for a short animated film that I joined last year. One character is about done at this point and the second is being brought up to speed so the animators can start breaking them.

Aside from that, I’m just working on something for the hardcore modeling challenge and trying to wrap my head around Zbrush now that 4r7 is out.


I wasn’t trying to be overly serious either leigh. Maybe just expressing my wishes to go back doing that kind of work. Cheers.

Forgot to say, out of work I’m doing a remake of an old image of mine. A cover for an old band, which might gather again to record a bunch of songs that didn’t make in to the album. I’ll post links when I get something to show.


In Pixels aliens pick up satellite feeds of old school arcade games like Space Invaders and Centipede and mistake them as a declaration of war. Skip to today, where the aliens have reached Earth and use the 8-bit characters and strategies from these very games to attack the planet. What’s the President of the United States (Kevin James) to do? Well, apparently call on his old arcade buddies (Sandler, Gad and Dinklage), uniting them to take on the video game-inspired baddies that they regularly defeated as kids.

“They’re aliens!” why didn’t I think of that? :smiley:


Wow…!, seriously fascinating work guy’s-n-gal’s. So for me a pretty much inspiring thread all told.

Cheers :wink:


I’m bouncing between two game projects at the moment - character animation on one, and cloth cleanup on the other. Also working on one of my own characters whenever I have some spare time & energy.


making some portfolio stuff :banghead:


Working on an indie game in my free time. Hoping to do this full time at some point.


For the last months I’ve been working teaser project, called “Don’t be Afraid”. Its the relationship between a little girl and his monster, based on the illustration work from Kim Kyounghwan.

The project is created using zbrush, MARI and Maya as main software.


Created an initial animations for my website, you can see here as well as the making off:


Also created a shader/rig/animation/simulation test:



WIP on a pocket watch (modelled by my friend Marco Refrigerato )


Hi everybody!

This is one of our Production Paintings for a Sci - Fi Animated series “Altair and the light of Power” we are working and we hope we start production during 2015,

Cheers from Chile!


Gally from the manga “Gunnm last order”…

WIP here