So what are you working on?


So What Are You Working on?
Tell us and don’t break any NDA while doing so.


Wish i can say, “i am working on a feature film puts on Shades B-)” but currently racing against time to finish my small little short film and getting a portfolio ready! :wip:
ahh, whats NDA?


today, cover artwork for a neurosurgery meeting brochure cover


Creating 3D animation training for Alberta Oil Sands Mining projects. Also doing some arc viz projects to boost my portfolio/developing my own 3D company.


Started drawing again, good way to spent off-times on set.
Right now working on a portrait of my 8 month old nephew(too early to show anything).


Rigging and animating flowers for a commercial and laser sensors for a tech company while gathering penis reference - yes … soon I’ll have to rig and animate the penis in all possible details for a medical company … yaaay


I’m in the final stages of rigging a character which I hope will get me a job! I’m using AnimSchool’s Malcolm and Animation Mentor’s Stewart rigs as reference.

Zykras, I saw a video of a penis rig a few months ago, might be of use to you:




I’ve been working on this little side project -



Almost done editing the first 5 minutes of my Knife Thrower Project!!!

Here a little teaser>>>



At work I’m under NDA but personally I’m writing a fluid solver for fun and educational purposes!


At work im doing graphics for a training app about floor repair. It’s super-exciting! :stuck_out_tongue:

…at home Im designing a guitar that Im going to try and build IRL later. Hopefully, having 3D on it will save me from one or two “Damn, why didnt I think about that?!!” moments

Is it penis-related? :wink:


A concurrent Automotive “fun” WIP, which I’ll run with my primary project, until hopefully completion, of both that will be respectively posted/updated shortly. :slight_smile:

Anyways, a matcaped body shell in the 3D viewport, ATM just sorting out some pesky geo/topology issues, prior to uploading.

Cheers :wink:


Those are some interesting stuff you guys are working on :applause:


Animating for a kids TV show in Cinema 4D and also finishing off rigging some characters in Maya for a different job (I’ll be animating those too once the TV job is finished).

Oh and doing little 2d pencil tests in TV Paint, self-directed study. I put off learning to draw for years with silly excuses like ‘hey I work in CG I don’t need to draw’ but I’ve been at it with a vengeance for over a year now. My drawing skills are still pretty basic but I can feel it improving my eye and helping my CG animation.



At work, working on Peanuts.
Outside of work, planning a short.



At work: a movie called Pixels

Outside work: messing around with zbrush 4r7 for 3d printing.


working on game demo (1level) for my portfolio. its inspired by lovecraft’s cthullu mythos and specifically by dogon short story. screenshot is few months old from beginning of development. going to release some updated ones soon on crytek forums.


If it’s any consolation, working on films probably isn’t anywhere near as glamorous as you think it is!


I am currently making some digital sausages.

(This is not a euphemism)


While I understand that a professional such as yourself, after working so many movies (ones better than others I guess), the “magic” may wear out. But I personally found my experience in movies (just worked in one though) way way more compelling that ads, and tv series. Never have I learned so much, worked with such great professionals and had time to get the absolutely best out of a shot. Maybe the movie experience can only be compared to short films. But that’s about it.

Right now, I’m working on a tv series, being a lead for the first time. Learning to handle managing and hands on the work as well. Losing my mind at times.