So impressed with AR 2.5


Congrats Maxon, I came from 3D Studio Max with some hope of using Cinema for ArchViz
to find what I consider the best modeling tools, best workflow i’d ever seen.
My only beef was a slight let down with the GI solutions and I’ve read enough about splotches to last a life time.

Hats off to the whole team with the update.

This is an awfully simple scene, but at 1min 12seconds with 2 Area lights.
(1200 x 900 Original size) It simply blows my mind.

Radiosity settings default, Area settings default.


The speed improvement is insane. I rendered a scene with a high poly car and HDRI GI. The old 8.5 render time was roughly 2hrs per frame. The new render time is 20 minutes.

I couldn’t beleive it. Awesome job guys, again.


That looks very nice.

Was that a test scene? Any chance you could post the file?


most cool. out of interest, can you render this exact same scene in gi stoch mode in both 9.1 and 9.5 to see any speed differences?


haha, and the other thread is like… oh no the renderer sucks… ugh I want a consensus!



Looks very good, ThePriest! Thanks for posting. I am shaking at the thought of an AR3.0, at this rate, Maxon is not playing around anymore.


My vote is a big thumbs up.
I haven’t done GI renders in the past because of the long render times. But with the 9.5 demo, GI is fast enough to be an viable option for me.


man you guys are making me go insane, what GI speedups are you talking about? There were no changes, the only thing GI specific that might improve rendertimes is not including illumination in the prepass, but these dramatic speedups everyone keep smentioning are not the GI itself.


small test:

1 omni (area shadows)
GI Stochastic Mode


What are the practical and visible differences between standard and stochastic radiosity? The manual doesn’t really explain it beyond mentioning that stochastic mode simulates the ARNOLD renderer (and what’s that?).


Ha Ha…welcome to the insane club. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it maybe the overall increase in rendering speed that’s doing it. I haven’t really done GI before, so it’s hard to work out exactly whats up with the speed. All I remember with GI was that it took so long to render I would give up in frustration. Could be that the AA speed up is making the total render time acceptable.


I’m not that impressed with AR 2.5 but stoch mode GI is faster, even in this simple test. The speed difference probably multiplies when heavier geometry comes into play.


I’m not necessarily implying that GI is faster, only that the ideal setup for a well lit scene is
now possible in much less time than previous versions of AR.

That ideal setup for me being light portals w/ area shadows in the windows,
a skylight, a directional light with an area shadow, that doesn’t take two days to render.

Now you can commit one area light for all the connected pieces of glass geometry in a scene
Of course 4 glass panels is equal to 4 area lights
but it’s far less time consuming than placing them by all by hand.
I found this feature alone phenomenal.

Given the small improvements to GI and the speed increases area lights,
it’s going to make our lives very much easier.


whatever it is, I don’t care! I’m just really happy with an almost 30% increase in speed using hdri. It’s the sole reason I’ll be upgrading from 8.5. (and n-gons of course)


I think what you guys are seeing is the speed up with Area lights. If you have a scene without them, you probably wont see an difference.



hmm-maybe it’s just some miracle from God or something! I just use hdri with no extra lights, and
it’s definitely alot faster. I’ve tried it on a few different old files and they’re all 25-30% quicker using GI /HDRI.


I am very, very impresssed tooo.

i feel very vray like suddenly in ar, or maybe even better,
-everything just does as i would expect, the lights the areashadows, reflection, GI (almost, but much better) i con combine area lights blurred reflections GI- still very smooth and speedy!

i dont know what they did, but they made it a hell lot better than before. also love sky, the new arealights seem to be reat although i havent understand until now how the more complex really work.

hope baker is that good as expected, it doesnt save the text in demo, but looked quite good.
whats the difference between texture baking and object baking?

well ave to explore more, but a real BIG thanks to the maxon team!


andonikos- this is an amazing speed increase- have to test stoch too here:-)


The Object baker is a lot more automatic (it makes a duplicate of your object, applies a new material with the baked texture in on the duplicate and so on), but it is slightly less flexible than the texture baker. So, it comes down to the choice in each situation, if you need maximum flexibility (texture bake) or maximum ease of use (object bake).


No, that’s simply wrong. Make a new scene, throw Otto in and put the HN subdivisions to 3 or 4, just to get some decent poly count. Render it, even with autolight, and you’ll see a helluva difference in the render times. The speed difference can go up to 1000-2000%, depending on the scene, normally it’s around 200%, it goes up once you throw in blurry reflections, GI, and area shadows, especially together, but due to the AA changes you basically always get a speedup.


as james said the object baker is like a baker wizard, it even creates uv maps if you like.