So, I have to make a knitted character unravel, and I have no idea how to do so.


I’m the TD for my third year short film group and we are doing a story based around having knitted characters.
In one point of the plot progression, one of the main character (who is knitted) starts to unravel.

So basically I have to design a mesh and a rig that allows for the character to be animated normally and to be unraveled when the time calls for it.

My current ideas are based around have the character made out of modular knitted geo pieces will have individual rig that will then be controlled by a “normal” character rig.
The knitting unravel rig will use joints controlled by either an curve or a ribbon which will be controlled by another set of joints that will allow for the “knitted” mesh to be molded into the shape of the character.

To be honest, I’m kinda stumped on whether this is the right way to go about making this rig.
I am definitely open to ideas and suggestions.

I will continue to update the thread as I make progress.