So, C4D… where next?


I have the feeling that they have to change much more under the hood than they thought. There are a lot of things that don’t work as expected in R21. I tried to use the UV-gizmo different times and always got weird problems. Sometimes it didn’t show up, sometimes it did. Picking UV polygons with the transformtool selected in the viewport didn’t work anymore and stuff like that.
All things that are confirmed as “bugs”.
But the whole openGL viewport seems buggy to me. Gets black sometimes. Selecting in the HUD is sometimes possible, sometimes not.
The fact that rendering in the viewport makes everything totally blurry first (when you happen to use the interface scaling in combination with a highres-monitor in Windows 10) is another thing.
Sometimes I wonder, if these things will be solved ever.


I’m sure they’ll fix those bugs.

Maxon and Red Giant finished their merger today, Check the lineup.

Stu Maschwitz is now Chief Creative Officer, quite a role for a guy who has spent years working in VFX, doing FXPHD classes on DSLR shooting, doing blogs on different aspects of After Effects live action compositing, and writing a book on indie action movie filmmaking. I’d now be really surprised if Cinema 4D remains ‘just’ focused on mograph stuff in the coming years.


The management structure has grown like Adobe bloatware, there’s more heads than Blender has full time developers! Hasn’t Maxon heard the idiom, too many cooks spoil the broth?

I’m sure the customer base will be most happy knowing their Subscriptions pay for these managers before a single line of code is written.


Hard not to disagree. I don’t care who is nominally in charge, I care about the release schedule and future technologies. More senior management does not, necessarily, a better product make. I hate to keep bringing up the ‘B’ word, but it’s really fascinating (and quite exciting) seeing Blender’s new features being discussed and developed ahead of time. (Besides, I’ve moved on from Adobe After Effects, so at the moment Red Giant is of limited interest to me.)

I hope good things are coming, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


Infograph. I knew you’d find something to whine about. You surely won’t have a kind word to offer about R22 and R23 when they come out either.