So, C4D… where next?


Funny to see this thread pop up. I was just thinking the other day that the whole reason for transitioning to a subscription-based system was supposed to be so updates could be more frequently released and yet I haven’t seen any information about new, significant updates six months later since that transition. I guess I’m not the only one who was wondering about that. I’m still sitting on R20 trying to figure out what’s going to happen next.


Hi what version of Blender are you using?
We are referring to 2.8x

Not trying to be condescending Mate.

You already have your mouse in your “Mousing” hand yes?.:thinking:

You decide there are some scene objects you wish to delete

Right mouse Click on the Doomed objects in the viewport and select "delete"from the contextual menu that appears.

for multiple objects marquee select them in the outliner

Right Click select “delete”
from the contextual menu that appears…

or control+shift click to multi-select them in the viewport

Right Click select “delete”
from the contextual menu that appears.

Do not be so easily swayed by the first results of google search

But thanks for mentioning the bit about pyrocluster,
had a bloody good laugh at that one.:laughing:



ThreeDDude. Helpful advice and I’m using 2.81. And I did see, in each context, that you can right click and delete via the menu. But in a long winded way I guess I’m saying I enjoy having multiple methods that work smoothly and sometimes in the flow I’d prefer to just whack the delete button than right click and look down a menu. I’m sure this niggle will be fixed by the end of the year, probably.

There was a cute thread on Twitter where EJ Hassenfratz retweeted some of Pablo Dobaro’s latest sculpting magic and said “Hey, can we get this guy working on Cinema 4D?”


Yeah 2.82 here, i have no trouble selecting objects in outliner and deleting them with delete key.

Regarding C4D, well it is what it is, the water passed under the bridge. The worse is that their behavior was against any trust. I am not against renting, it is a very useful thing in some circumstances.

Nevertheless i think most 3D software are obsolete in usability. I got for first time an android phone 2 weeks ago Yeah i was being a real dinosaur… well in 3 days i was already using it comfortably - web stuff, reading, adding apps and was not even doing some intensive use to learn, just doing what i needed. It is a complete different paradigm of learning, you try yourself and get discoverability in it.
Blender seems like a teenager, C4D seems without any ideas.


Bullit2, I’ll chuck 2.82 on when it lands officially and have a look. Though I’m half inclined to just leave it three months and upgrade from 2.81 to 2.83 so the upgrade and cool-new-stuff buzz feels even bigger.


I’ll be honest, as a freelancer in the LA|SF market, working at studios of all levels and tech companies with little pipeline, when I ask my friends if they have looked at blender yet, the answer is usually “whats that?”

The truth is, other than the few online community users who are vocal about their opinions, most artists haven’t even considered the move or haven’t even given Blender a second thought. They have no idea that this discussion is even happening. I see studios jumping on C4D more now, than 5-10 years ago. Most mid-large studios don’t care because they still use Maya as their main package for production. Designers can really just use whatever they want, but its usually expected C4D/AE is your main tool.

I was also constantly afraid c4d, and thus me, would but left irrelevant as Blender swoons everyone to its side. I was also vocal to my friends about being left behind. But while I was panicking over which software I should use, and constantly switching back and forth and burning myself out, my friends got really good at the one they were using, which was C4D. And when/if Blender wins and takes they will just learn that along with everyone else.


I plan to use Blender for animated filmmaking…
EEVEE cannot produce AAA results but it is certainly good enough for my personal animation work ,here my Doteage.

paying clients needing cycles or prorender ,will be billed for render farm services such as “concierge”

I must say just being able to see real time SSS,reflections
in the viewport while scene building is such a treat

I am quite certain the novelty will fade ove time but right now
it is quite thrilling for an old man of 56
after a decade with C4D’s display (On a mac no less):dizzy_face:

My old pipeline is Iclone pro for motionbuilding& retargeting
to Daz rigs and export as .obj/MDD to C4D for rendering.
( using the defunct riptide pro plugin) on a really old Mac
Compositing in After Effect CS

My old C4D was heavily plugin enhanced with VRay,Realflow,tile gen, Riptide, Thrausies tools,even the old
Interposer pro plugin.

I am also a Daz content Developer thus I create my own custom clothing and Character morphs that I model in C4D.

Blender is completely replacing My aged C4D ,in my pipeline, for both modeling and rendering (certainly VFX).and complete my total migration to windows 10.

with free tools like Blender, Davinci resolve,Natron compositor.
I have never been more excited about the future of 3DCC as I am here in 2020 :nerd_face:


I think that attitude is ok if you keep informed of what happen outside your bubble.

currently in Youtube
Blender site had 525K subscribers and 762 videos 88.7M views from May 2008
Maxon site has 209K subscribers and 790 videos 25.3 M views from Apr 2008
Autodesk has 330K subscribers and 4141 videos 69.9 M views from Mar 2006
Houdini 61K subscribers and 501 videos 7.2 Million views´from Feb 2008

Obviously the nature of users and site scope are not completely equivalent but it is interesting.


Yes - so far Maxon’s update schedule hasn’t made a good case for the subscription model (watch all sorts of updates will be out tomorrow just to prove me wrong, ha).


There are a couple of specific things I hate in Blender (I wont say half assed)

  1. When you use the built in Explorer to look for files for import / export you cant select any folder and press a key to go the folder starting with the letter you pressed. Its annoying.

  2. changing parameters of multiple selections is really frustrating, sometimes they work , sometimes Alt work, sometimes you need to press Ctrl + L to do make it work (and press enter from the numpad). And sometimes it doesnt. In C4D, its as simple as selecting multiple objects and just changing the damn parameter / font.
    Again ,not half assed, just extremely annoying.

  3. working with fonts and changing parameters because reasons stated in (2) + font interface is not very good to work with.

What I love about Blender:

Is lightning fast to hard surface model vehicles and whatever your mind can conjure- unless for some reason your modeling workflow consists exclusively on deformers and mograph clones. (Bend / Twist needs an overhaul in Blender). In my opinion, sans plugins, Blender >> C4D. With modeling plugins, Blender >>>>>> C4D.

UV mapping works as it should. C4D has nothing to compete against Blender in this area.

Eevee is powerful, fast to render. Cycles on the other hand, is slower than Redshift. I use neither at the moment (I render in Unreal).

At the moment I dont use FX inside DCC (I only export assets to Unreal Engine), but for the little I have done in both, Maxon has the upperhand, both are very limited against Maya / Houdini.


Press delete while your cursor is hovering in the outliner…

Blender is free, it will always be more popular and have more users… Means nothing.


I feel it´s going into good direction. Dropping of all different versions was a smart move from maxon.


Which is the bigger pain in the arse,

1, Using X to delete in Blender.


2, Battling priority/order of executions in C4D?


I’m not sure what ‘winning’ means for software?

The user experience is most important, if C4D is meeting your needs then why change? I’ve never followed the herd because it was fashionable to do so and wouldn’t expect anyone else to.

I got tired of waiting for C4D’s architectural issues to be fixed and stumbled into Houdini and when outside of the C4D bubble I happened upon a beta of Blender 2.80 and saw how Eevee could make a big impact to our workflow. 2.80 was the first Blender I had downloaded and didn’t immediately delete and I discovered an application I didn’t know existed. Then I discovered the BF’s plans for the near future such as the Everything Nodes project and now this year’s Animation 2020 project to bring high performance playback and scene caching. These are the things I’ve been wanting most for C4D and the reason I started learning Houdini.

Some will ask if you have Houdini why would you need Blender? I love Houdini for certain tasks (I’m a very lightweight user doing procedural modelling of data) but I can’t stand setting up scenes and camera animation in it at all. I can get Alembic assets into Blender from Houdini, light and shade the scene do all the camera animation and even do test Comps in it. Blender hits the nail on the head.

If I was doing broadcast style Mograph would Blender be my first choice or even second choice certainly not. Certainly not until Everything Nodes delivers. Then it will be game on.


I just dabled 2 hours with blender 2.82b

its getting better especially with the “use industry compatible” keymapping (asked at startup … del key works :slight_smile: )

otherwise I tried to load a Cad file exportetd as collada from c4d and tried to get shaders onto my model … did’t succed in a reasonable time . without the urge to search for stupid questions on google …

so its getting better but the initial hurdle to get into it doesn’t compell me here to switch hence I do not pay for c4d its my boss who pays …

so I am more exited to render in redshift in the future than switching to a new workflow …

but with 8000+ parts in the viewport I hear you guys on the stupid slow c4D viewport speed —

anyway my use case for C4D is on niche side … basically a gloryvied bunkspeed / keyshot …

and some Hard Surface Moddeling



A smart move for who though?

Consider an Archviz outfit who can easily get by with Prime and a 3rd party renderer, they’re now forced into paying much more for features they’ll never use.


Interesting discussion – and thanks everyone for keeping it civil. No need to fall out over a bunch of 1s and 0s.

The thing that prompted my original question has been echoed here: basically the surprising lack of C4D updates, which is brought into sharp relief by the seemingly endless parade of Blender goodies.

It’s a bit like this:grin:


For selling C4D of course. I was reseller and different versions were really pain in the ass.
But now maxon resellers are mostly gone since monthly subscription.


Almost every software I know dont sell modular services anymore, they use only Indie version and Professional, and the restrictions are in rendering, plugins, or import/export options. Not on the tools available.

3dsmax users who do archviza always had to pay full price for it. Its just the way it works. Maxon should be selling a C4D Indie version instead.

Now, regardless lack of update or news, I always though it was the way C4D was priced before. But thats not the case anymore, so whats keeping Dave, Shrek or Maxon Developers to talk about incoming features?


The modular system had its time and while i was one of the proponents at the time i have to admit that it does not have a place anymore. I underestimated the number of problems that came with it, from engineering to sales, design, support, accounting, marketing you name it. Many of the inconsitencies we still have are rooted in the split and it did cost a huge amount of development time over the years. So personally i am happy to be rid of it.
As for information flow, i think you already found that Dave has a very different view on this than the previous CEOs, maybe not to the degree many here would like to see, but change did happen and still does. I think a major factor most people underestimate is the sheer amount of work and time that is needed to adjust company structures, especially with as huge and complex a product as Cinema 4D. Things are still in flow and i think the results that show up over time will be to the liking of by far the most users.