Snowy Mountains- R13 Terrain Masking


Just wanted to post this, it turned out really nice. The new terrain masking stuff came in really handy when making this shader.



very nice. so much to get into with this release.


Excellent job! Love the terrain mask.


looks great. the terrain mask shader is amazing


Looks very nice, good job showman.
Any crucial insights while working with the terrain shader or is it straightforward?


Really great shader…

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


very nice! haven’t looked into the shader yet. Too many other things go first, but you make me want to jump right in the snow!

Great job, and like Typografschaft asked: any aprticular things to know or does it work straight out of the box?


Excellent work!

thx for posting


Wait thats CG? Haha! Good job man. Need to play around with that shader when I get a chance.


I tweaked it a bit to fit the scene, but it really works right away. It’s pretty awesome.

Also awesome is I baked it at 4k onto a 33 million poly version of itself and now I have this massive mountain range that I can tumble in realtime and put cameras all over and shoot the heck out of with like 4 second render times because it’s baked.

R13 has some really amazing stuff.


Beautiful … :thumbsup:


Awesome material, i love it!

I got some questions, too:

  • How were the render times before baking (and on what kinda hardware)?
  • Which software did you use to generate the terrain geometry? World-Machine?



Yeah, World Machine and then some additional shader displacement in Cinema.

7 minutes a frame once I baked the displacement into the geometry. 44 min before. Physical renderer.

This is on a 12 core Mac Pro 2.66 w/ 32 gigs ram.



Veeery nice!


Thanks for the info!


Really beautiful render!



Very nice!!! :applause:


Seeing that makes me think that it will soon be time to go skiing!
That’s a great render.
Thanks for sharing.


Great terrain render, thanks for posting :slight_smile:



Looks fantastic!