Snowstorm, Squidinc (3D)


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the flag on the back you got from warhammer correct?)

sure is, although its been a long time since I did anything with warhammer figures, I think it was the terminator space marines that used to have cool banners and things, can’t remember for sure :slight_smile:


Yeah hehe, I used to be into Warhammer40k so much. I won atleast 200 bucks from winning painting competitions plus prolly 1k worth of stuff. But then it just started to pile up and I needed to get out more lmao.


Nice model and very nice texturing :thumbsup:


like a samurai


wooo hooo the C4D god strikes again.

nice job squid man.


Well done, Post more :thumbsup:


Great model, fabulous texturing but the final composition looks too white out even if it is a snowstorm.


Although the atmosphere looks great in the snowstorm shot, I’m glad you added the other one without snow. It really shows off the spectacular modeling and texturing that was so concealed in the first pic. :beer:


man, that’s too cool!!!:buttrock:
:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


You can never go wrong with GIANT ROBOTS! :buttrock:
I really like the textures! :applause:


Another ultraquick, fantastic C4D work, thank you Squid! :thumbsup:


…ohh it got chicken legs! i want too eat you!.. :cool:


amazing work. completely inspiring. I’d love to see a scene with a couple of them duking it out, action, laser fire, etc. I think the version with the buildings in the background is the best one. The structures really add to the ‘sense of place’ and make you think there’s a story, not just a model.


Hehe… Damn nice, dude. The Warhammer inspiration, hmm… ? A dreadnaught ? Especially the banner reminds me of a chaos dreaddie…


I like very much but something wrong in the upper of foot. It seems not right to me. Just my POV. :wink:

Texturing is amazing. :thumbsup:


damn ur awwsome :buttrock:
i see there is still a long way to go for me though, just started doing work in 3d. So maybe someday i can post such cool images too.

Keep up the goodwork


Very nice modelling…

I’m curious though, about how many hours you put into this model? It’s quite detailed, indeed.

I also love the post effects like the blizzard. Great work! :applause:


Nice to see someone doing some superb work with Cinema 4d XL. :wink:


cheers guys :beer:

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I’m curious though, about how many hours you put into this model? It’s quite detailed, indeed.

I’m not entirely sure on hours, I started it last weeked while ill with something, I worked on it on and off for about 4 days I think


Lemme guess, PPC and Gauss Rifle? :smiley:
This over the top SCHW33T!
If you showed this to day1studios their leadartist would have a heart attack. :drool: