Snowstorm, Squidinc (3D)


Hi all, heres my latest :slight_smile:
modelled, textured and rendered in C4D R8, postwork in photoshop

inspired by warhammer, warcraft and mechwarrior


waaah no response yet? Awesome work! I really like the snowstorm effect… it was also in another great piece I saw here lately.

Anyway, great detail! Do you have some more insights about it, like a wireframe? :slight_smile:



WOW really nice texturing and weather effects :slight_smile:

a wireframe would be nice

great job :beer:


I like this but the poses aren’t working for me, which is odd because they are usually very effective in your other works. :beer:


YO… C4 d R8 :applause:

Nice Photoshop work


Awesome :eek: ! Show us a wireframe, please !

And how much of it is done in 3D ? Is the snow rendered ?


the robots were rendered seperately and then put together in a 2d snow environment that was made with photoshop :slight_smile:

heres a variation with structures in the background

and one with without the snow ( flag is slightly different here as its an older render )

and a wire of the mech


You know what? the only machine I see around here is YOU!! :stuck_out_tongue: gawd you’re insane sheesh. Tell me this, is that all procedural work?? My friend you make this software shine no doubt. Absolutely stunning! :thumbsup: [PLUGGED]



lol :slight_smile:
cheers Tito
yeah, all the textures are procedural apart from the alpha for the tears on the flag, I couldn’t see an easy of getting tears to appear in the right places using shaders, cheers for the plug too :beer:


Originally posted by squidinc
yeah, all the textures are procedural apart from the alpha for the tears on the flag

You deserve an award :wink: hmm maybe there’s one around here somewhere… be back have to search a bit for it :wink:



hey nice image there! the only thing i dislike is the pose, it looks too idle, maybe make him midstride and ready to attack, right now it just looks like hes standing outside getting cold!

but awesome work! :slight_smile:



Excellent work…! I have to agree on the pose thing though. But the composition work, the model and the material are all spot on.

Now I know again why I am saving up for C4D again, thanks :smiley:


Very nice, i like the details and the snow!
The only think i can crit is that it looks that the second robot is falling foreward, but maybe it’s just me
otherwise it rocks :wink:


VeRY nicE!!! thE mEch ROCks!:beer:


That Is One Kick-Ass Image Dude! Slap that baby on a mouse pad a sell the sucker! I Know I Would!


Oh, Very nice :D. The textures and model Looks very clean … ah what the heck, topclass :thumbsup: . And i agree, you got to merchandise that :).
This whole thing gave me inspiration for my first piece of work im going to put up here soon. This is my debut post so hello everyone. I must say the people on this site here are awesome, And that just makes me want to do this even more, so that i can one day become as good as you :smiley: . Anyway…Ahem…Back to work… Awesome, once again.


Incredible work ! The atmosphere is really great, and texturing as modeling exceptionnal ! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Great! :bowdown: And now it is time to animate a big battlefield or a fight in a destroyed city. :slight_smile:


sweet mech!!! :beer:


I play all 3 of those games and you brought out aspects of each one perfectly (The one I like the most is the flag on the back you got from warhammer correct?)

Anyways man kick ASS job. This probably takes the cake for my favorite model on the forums! :bounce: :thumbsup: :drool: