Snowfall *First Mattework*


I finally have some free time from college finals so I decided to start working on a tutorial. Xdreamer79 thanks for finding it

Took me a while to find a good looking house to work with.

Bare with me, this is going to be my first Mattework so I don’t know how it will turn out.
Original picture.

Cleaned plate

Should I chop out the far left tree, does anyone think it distracts the eye?

C&C are most welcome.


That’s pretty cool! Did you just use the rubber stamp to erase the signs?



Yea the stamp is all I used. Went alot smoother than I thought it was going to be.


Got a little bit done. Snows on the edges and I frosted the windows. Later today I’m going to put snow on the roof.


this is looking really nice , I like it, maybe a more overcast sky would fit in, or maybe not I can see some hard sun shadows over there, thanks for showing WIP’s , a lot of people will learn from your technique


I would desaturate, lower the contrast, and brighten the sky a bit. Give it that look like when its about to dump down with snow. Just a suggestion though, it looks as though its coming along great. That photo plate is gorgeous! I wish I could get some photos like that!
Ill be watching for updates!



Roof Update
I still have to go back with blue for the lighter and darker spots. Along with putting the tree back over the snow.

Nick - I made two different options. Not sure if they are exactly what you were talking about but let me know what you think.

I brightened the sky and left the house alone.

This one I brightened the sky and desaturated the house a little bit. Not sure if the house is to desaturated now compared with the sky? I’ll wait for some more knowledgeable opinions.
obviously I still need to go back and work around the trees


I just meant that I think you should make the blue that is visible in the sky a bit more white. I like how this is coming along. The desaturated version is probably a little too desaturated, but something between the two there could be good. I think the harder shadows on the buildings could do with being taken out a little, coz you have got rid of a lot of the bright sunlight, so the hard shadows dont seem to make sense. Keep it up, i like where this is going!



Hi Andrew,

strong plate and good cleaning here. nice work so far.

and i agree with jamesvfx and spacesprayer a overcast sky would fit in better here and without a bright sunlighning your shadows would be more soften.

it is also a good idea to look at photoreferences to imagine different daylight situations and how it turns out.


you should try to get more colorvariation in your snow, some grey would help a lot i think.

ps: you know about the technique to extract something within the channels?




also in the reference that Eligh posted notice no leaves on the trees and no flowers, looking great so far with what you have done hope you get a chance to update soon


I’m out of college but now helping my father with work so I’ve been quite busy. Today during my lunch break I decided to pull it out, dust it off and get back to working on it.

I painted the tree back over the roof snow. middle tree

Worked with the hard shadows. Do these look better? As for technique I really didn’t know what to do. For the shadows on the roof I used some different ranges of opacity and painted over them. As for the other shadows under the roof over hangs and the trees I just used the stamp tool with lower opacity.

Hows the look of the sky and just the total overall look? Does it look anymore “overcasted?”


My next step was to work on the coloring of the snow on the roof.


An easy way to deal with shadows is to duplicate your image, then use curves / levels to make that image brighter, until the shadows are the right darkness (the rest of the house will look very blown out when you do this, but ignore that, its just the shadow tone you are worried about). Then put a layer mask on that layer, and just paint the shadows back in (which will be lighter). That way you will have the original building, and you will just be painting in the lighter shadows :slight_smile:

Hope that made sense. Actually you made a pretty good job of taking out those shadows yourself.
I think Ivy made a good point, its probably time to strip down some of those trees and flowers :slight_smile:

The sky looks much better now, but i think you could still afford to take out some of the bluer tones on the left of the sky? Or maybe push them further towards grey? That is being quite picky tho :wink:

I agree about getting some colour variation ionto your snow. Some greys and some hints of blue would look good i think.

Well you still have quite a bit of work to do, but its looking very promising! If you continue with it at this standard, the finished matte will look great!!



Space-sprayer thanks for the reply. I agree about the trees and flowers but how would I go about stripping the leaves off the trees?

I’ll try working with the blue tones to the left in the sky.


Well, in short, its gonna be a lot of work :S

The flowers should be easy enough, just paint it back down to maybe the soil flowerbed, cover with snow, and paint in a few twigs etc sticking through to break it up.
The trees are gonna be a lot harder. I think the way I would go about it is to paint the branches, twigs and tree trunk that are covered by leaves back on top of the leaves, and then begin painting out the leaves probably by hand, and making use of clone tool where necessary. I cant think of any simple way to do it im afraid. Maybe someone else knows a better way?

Of course, you dont have to get rid of every leaf, you could leave some of the leaves (no pun intended) and have them catch some of your snow.



Wow this looks great, I’ve always wanted to learn how to do this. Lets see the turn out, I’ll be WATCHING you lol. Good Luck



I sat down today and worked on taking out the small plants/shrubs.

I think under the over hang in the original photo is sort of like a patio. So it wouldn’t be grass but it will be covered in snow later. Also I think it was an extra step up from the ground/grass level.

Also there’s some discrepancy between the sizes of concrete blocks that I probably should go back and fix a little. But overall how do they look along with the right side of the stairs. Check previous photos to understand more of what I’m talking about They were covered by vegetation

Previous update


Nice update!
Good to see you are getting stuck into the more nitty gritty but tedious parts. I think if you keep at it, by the time you get the snow in there it will look great!



Well I had to give my buddy back his wacom. needed it for a project for work I’ll try to get it back from him when he’s done or I’ll try to work with the mouse :eek:


OK I know I’m bumping my old thread but I’m excited because I ordered a Wacom Intuos that should be here tomorrow so I’m going to be working on this project again. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear it :thumbsup:
I’ve been waiting ages for the next update :wink: