Snowblind- Robotic Exo Skeleton, Jeremy Strong (3D)


Title: Snowblind- Robotic Exo Skeleton
Name: Jeremy Strong
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Vue, ZBrush

I thought it might be fun to revisit some of my old work. My focus has been on photo-realistic hard surface objects for the past couple years.
I made this to add to the portfolio I’m preparing for ILM. I trying to break into the studio in the next 10 years! hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

Some of the mech is based off the comic Appleseed how it works is that the interior pilot’s movements are mimiced by the massive suit.
The work took me a couple months working a couple hours a day.

How the mech w


Excellent very nice modeling
Robot components made very good 5*


wow… very very nice… :applause:


Nice work. I love the penguin, it’s a funny detail :slight_smile:


beutifull. yap that penguin look realy nice :smiley:


Very nice work mate!
I like it.



Thanks everyone :slight_smile: here’s a shot of him out of the snow and some close ups.


incredible detaills… I really like it


great details and nice texture


wowwwwww man
very nice work…


Lovely image. Small penguin helps with the scale of robot. I would love to see some blue tone in the image since it usually looks more cold than pure white. But good work overall.


Oh, good idea Toni, Here it is with a little color.

that color really ties the room together.
Thanks for the suggestion!


WOW dude fantastic! 0_0

The mech itself is fantastic with the right amount of wear and in the perfect places!

The atmosphere of the final render puts it over the top! I also like how u used the atmosphere every so subtly to push the mech from the background a bit. It really makes it pop

BTW cute penguin =D


woah love the design and afcourse the end result


Very cool design!!


Very nice work there! I like how the operator is literally hanging in the robot frame. I think it would be great fun pilotting a robot like that :smiley:

Cobra 6


Dam…ILM should be light work for you. They may have to get a box with 3dsMax on it just for you. You’re ill son.


Did this take a while to get to the front page? Anyhoo, this rocks, not just the mecha, but the atmosphere is what really sells this piece, wonderfull!!! Also the penguin is quite funny, nice touch…


Wow, very impressive. What he says, it’s not just some modeling, but the overall picture is master!


I remember this piece from a while back. Well deserved front page plug but why now?