Snowalker, Massimo Righi (3D)


Title: Snowalker
Name: Massimo Righi
Country: Italy
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

A new image with my white tiger model. Modelled with maya, rendered with mentalray. Shave and a haircut for fur. Photoshop for the textures and for the final composite.
The main mesh is about 8k quads. I’ 've used five hair systems for a total of 500k hair primitives.
I wanted to achieve a mix of real and fantasy look.


Very nice!

I think the fur on the right side of the image can be improved a bit. Looks too perfect if you will.

But overall really nice!


Very nice model,but the snow material looks not so good!I don´t see the AO map!
I think the background and lightning deserve a better work ^^

The fur is perfect!
Don´t get me wrong okay ^^


I think the compositing needs just a little work. I can see a faint glow around the tiger especially on the back that makes it seem just placed on top of the environment than actually in the environment. As for the model and fur, very very nice. :thumbsup:


The fur looks very well done. I disagree and think the snow in the scene works too, because it’s common to see blown out area’s when you have a white surface like that. The areas that turn into shadow, showing the snow’s texture makes the scene more believable. The background fits in nicely as well. There is a bit of glow near his back end, that kind of seems like it was from the composite process, but the other areas seem to blend very well. It looks like the snow just came down and covered everything, it would have been nice to see some of those bits of snow in his/her fur! That’s the only thing that I would really say would add to this shot. Other than that, I think this was done with a good attention to detail. Great work.


I disagree ^^ !

I can´t understand what I looking for in the background,it´s confused and diffuse.
Looking with more attention,I think the hair around the creature looks weird,as if it had been cut with scissors or something!But the interior fur looks perfect,many color variation,different values and so forth!And the snow looks weird,some footprints would be nice also!Ao map using a discrete blue color instead dark grey or something like that,would more real! The lightning would be more dramatic,you know,key,fill,rim and bla bla,you know,more expressive ^^
And please guys,don´t get me wrong,I just wanna expose my opinion! ^^


It’s Great.
Very nice used hair and fur. I like it.
can you Explain how assign texture to the fur for the shave and a haircut in maya ?
and what is tips for get realistic rendering of shave and a haircut in maya ( lighting and shadow and etc )
did you use layer render for this Image ?
Special thanks.



great work!
very nice fur render, modeling and comp.i like it:beer:


nice hair u did, congraz :thumbsup:


Fur master is back! this is pure awesomeness. but the snow looks like a blanket because it looks too soft on the contact areas with the feet.
i wonder if you also make use of hair passes and mult hair in S&H and took it into account for your hair count.
thx a bunch


Fantastic, great work !!


Hi guys, thanks for the comments and critics.

Here is a side view of the tiger and a wireframe.
As you can see I exaggerated a bit the fur lenght in some area, as I said I wanted a bit of fantasy look getting also inspired by the snow leopard.
It takes about 4 minutes for an HD frame and 30 minutes for the highres image 2546x3048.
The tiger side view is a straight forward rendering with no post.

*EDIT: SuperHero----> Thanks man;) 500k hair prims are not taking into account the multistrand. Btw multistrand 1 for the body and 2 for the head fur. And yes, I’ ve used hair passes = 2 :slight_smile:



Very good! I think the fur length is not a problem, looks nicer this way. However, you have to change the dark area on the right hand side of the animal to a much lighter one. Remember that snow reflects a very high amount of light, so there will be almost no real dark areas on surfaces facing the snow.

Cobra 6


I agree with Arkaiko. AO map for a better integration of the tiger and a little more specular into the snow shader should be fine. It’s a very good rendering however.


I love this image very much especially the fur and the tiger model was superb,how you got such a skill in cg it.I hope some day i will make such fur as your.great.also iam not bothered about the background or snow,only iam seeing here is such a beautiful animal.thanks for making it…:slight_smile:


like always, another amazing cg animal from you , the fur is gr8 :buttrock:


Very good work! Will the master used a shave hair formation, or that comes with maya hair system? :beer:

Please advice
Welcome to
[Marshal canopy](


Thanks for all the comments and advices, really appreciated!

Felixlee—> I used Shave and A Haircut :slight_smile:



Could you share your shadow resolution with softness and Bias settings (or should I say lighting set up) because when I am trying to render 250 K fur my maya crashes I’ll be greatful b’coz I am stuck with my renders now.



I’m using mr detail shadow map, with different resolution but basically 1k/2k
If maya crashes check the S&H shadow globals, the renderer should be mentalRay and the mode Hair Primitives, the voxel resolution is up to your machine, I’m using 20x20x20.

Hope that helps:)