Snow piling up!


Hi guys,

Since I’ve been away for long, I want to contribute something, to spring back in the community :slight_smile:

So, this is not going to shake your world, but it is damn usefull (it was to me, at least :wink: ). It is a system for piling up snow - on whatever geometry. Just beware the 100K poly UDeflectors :smiley:

The effect uses a nice, small, neat flow - check it out :slight_smile:

And now to something completely different :smiley: I haven’t noticed anybody talking about two incredibly usefull, free plugins for max:

Pavel Kuznetsov’s trail:
It is a trail generator, works in render post (like scanline glow, fog, etc) and generates quite customizable particle trails. Looks great!

And the footools Force Viewer, visualizes a spacewarp by drawing vectors in the viewport! Now how cool is that!

Keep rockin’ dudes, love ya!


I have used both but not nice since the migration to nine…and to be honest I completely forgot about 'um, great head check, thanks Glacierise!

Nice, both updated for max9 that is great.

Edit: had a minute to mess around, that’s a pretty cool flow, would like to boost up the particle count, but i’ll have to wait till I get back too work, thanks for sharing:)


Have in mind that if you want to make a more detailed effect, you will need to decrease the keep apart radius, as you increase the particle count. I alse forgot to mention that this flow should be passed to a wrapper (blobmesh or pwrapper), to create the snow surface :slight_smile:


cool system!
Do I understand this right?

The particles stop after they colide or get too slow.
The keepapart does the piling?



Glad you like it :slight_smile:

It works like this: when the particle falls, it eventually comes within the keep apart radius of a ‘pile’ particle, or hits the ground. If it hiths the ground, it becomes a ‘pile’ particle. If it comes within the keep apart radius, the KA applies a force to it, which slows its fall. When its speed falls below a threshold, it also becomes a ‘pile’ particle. Works great :smiley:


great approach! good to have you back on track :slight_smile:

haven´t got a clue how it works yet…i´ll have to open the file and study :smiley:

can´t find a download link to the Pavel Kuznetsov’s trail :frowning:




Hahah, understandable :slight_smile: Nado govorit po russkij :smiley:

Here you go, dude:

And cheers to Pavel, for the great effect!


the links want´s me to register a free *.TK domain?!?

i had rissian language in school but only from class 2-8 forgot EVERYTHING :smiley: but i still know: Ja Lubju igraju na fletje > “i like to play the flute” and sajtshik > bunny :smiley:

damn! that´s hard to write russian without russian letters :smiley:


.TK domain?! What the ***k are you talkin’ about, dude :smiley:

Anyways: (the max 6-8 version) (the max 9 version)

This should be kind of foolproof :smiley: Have fun :wink:


indeed :smiley: i H A T E those free file transfer sites…


Would it be possible to re-post the MAX file.


Of course :slight_smile: I reorganized my site, so the link is now

Thanks for the attention guys :slight_smile:


Hi. Thanks for sharing. We have been trying to figure this out all day. I can’t open this max file?


Well, it works at my end. You can contact me on ICQ if you need help.


It works fine with max9 here, but it’s obviously not a max8 file. :slight_smile:


i want ur ICQ contact, glacierise :slight_smile:


I have tried the trail plugin…Its a very effective tool for creating anything from a spark to rainfall…And it also can be used for a lotta cool effects!



Anselm, my ICQ is on my profile, just like yours :smiley: Hiding in plain sight, I guess.



Nicely done.
Modfying the Velocity Mag. test value is most interesting.
Applying metaballs to the parts is quite interesting as well.




Haven’t had a chance to look at this yet, but thanks for posting it. I was just wondering about how to accomplish this today as a matter of fact!

What about piling up leaves, y’know like raking them up into a pile? Can only referenced geometry be piled up?