Snow Leopard and Shake,will it work?


Hi all,

Any idea if Shake will work on Snow Leopard?

Thank you.


Shake 4.01 is universal binary, this way it should work under Snow leopard, which is intel only


Shake 2.5.1 still works in Vista and Windows 7, so I don’t see why 4.1 won’t work under Snow Leopard. The only thing I wouldn’t count on is Quicktime support to fully work since it is a ground up rewrite and 64 bit. Quicktime in Shake was implemented using a very old api in the first place which is why it frequently breaks even under Leopard.



DELTAadmin & beaker,

Thanks alot.


According to some people at VFX Talk it works fine.


yea, it seems to work fine.


works much faster than under Leopard !! highly recommend the snow kitty !


nice information, thanks alot.


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