Snow, concept art., David Smit (2D)


Title: Snow, concept art.
Name: David Smit
Country: Netherlands
Software: Photoshop

I made this illustration when I was working at W!Games in Amsterdam as a concept artist. It was for their new IP: Mistbound. The first game of the series is out already and the next few should follow soon.
The illustration was made in Photoshop, in about 1,5 days.


Wonderful concept and execution. I can feel it.


Great work David.

I particularly like the surrounding environment.


:argh: ———— good work!


a great concept, very well designed, besides the painterly touch is fantastic, no doubt a great job, simple but effective, giving the star to perpestiva that is perfectly fitted. :thumbsup:


Good job! I really like it!


I 'm totally impressed of the composition, dramaturgy, coloring and the facial expression! Llove it!:thumbsup:


Awesome! I love every bit of it.



great composition!! reel like it, we feel it!


Beautiful composition and concept and excellent execution :thumbsup:


great composition and lighting!


Awesome concept, I love the composition and the lighting is very beautiful, just perfect :slight_smile:


stunning !!


A real palpable sense of urgency. Bare hands? Gotta be cold…


Nice work, man.


This caught my eye the other day when you submitted it to the gallery, but I’ve been so busy that I forgot to come back to it. As others have said, you have a really strong composition in this image, I really love your use of perspective, and the striking use of colour against the monotonous snowy backdrop. I love artwork like this, which is visually simple yet evocative.

Lovely work, plugged.


The idea and composition is awsome… very great


An inspirational and painterly piece, very nice!! :slight_smile:

So relieved you’re not claiming you did it in your lunchbreak! (yes, I’m jealous of speedpainters :wink: ).


Whao Rubs mornings sand out his eyes
Thanks a lot guys! I’m a bit overwhelmed by the awesome response.

Leigh: Thank you so much for putting on top. It sort of feels like I unlocked an achievement (ooohhh thats nerdy) :slight_smile:
SciFibrow: Thanks! hahaha, no I’m not a very great speedpainter. But don’t be too jealous about speedpainters. In my opinion it’s not about making as much of the same stuff as possible, but the opposite: making a few things that are refeshing and thought through.
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DOGJAUSREILY: Thank you! I can remember that the perspective was quite a challenge when I made it.
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hey David,

love it, awesome work! :thumbsup: