Sneak Peek of Pixar's Boundin'


Here is a sneak peek at Pixar’s new animated short:


I couldn’t get it to play but that could be a software problem on my end…



doesnt play here either :frowning:


The vids are probably removed from the server, due to heavy traffic.
Its all your fault Slurry.


nope, no luck either

it says that it’s a file that quicktime doesn’t understand



The 480 version worked fine here.


yeah, worked for me too, they must have fixed somethin’. cuts off kinda strangely though… but I guess that’s why it’s a sneak peak.


Originally posted by Dennik
The vids are probably removed from the server, due to heavy traffic.
Its all your fault Slurry.

D’oh! :banghead:


I really like the character designs. It’s nice to see something in a totally different style from Pixar.

From a techie standpoint, that wool looked awesome!!


Locally it does not work in IE but works fine in Mozilla Firebird.

Moral of the story: use Firebird.



that looks amazing.

After reding about it i had my doubts but now that i have seen the sneak peek how did i ever doubt PIXAR.

Totally fresh and the animation is :eek:


look great :bounce:


Animated News has a couple of new images from this clip…



Ok that was awesome, totally love the style and the narration storytelling vibe it has going. Looks extremely entertaining. And Floyd you’re right. that’s some kicka$$ fur.



doesn’t work on pixar website


right click/save target as if you have the direct link, the web plugin doesn’t work in IE, so you have to use Netscape and Opera, should work fine.



Wow, that looks amazing. Very funny too.


It works fine with IE, I found a link in the source of the webpage.
I posted the link here but the link is to long, it doesnt work in this forum I guess. Anyway, open the souce of the webpage, look for, then u should find a direct link to download it.

[EDIT]Ignore this, Jazzman121 and Eek posted a direct link hehe

Greets :wavey:


yea i think the site is got sessions soo the link wont work everytime

try… going to

and then view source and search for .mov and copy and paste that url and it should work :stuck_out_tongue:


add http:// at front



the above link worked for me.

Looks wicked! the big rock kinda reminds me of ice age. the expression on the faces of the fish and prairie dogs is hilarious!!