Sneak Peek - new fractal noise


A little sneak peek at the upcoming NoiZette filter for AE. It’s completely map- and texturable fractal noise. All parameters are animatable and controllable through layers. Several turbulence types, mapping methods and blending options make it truely different from from AE’s internal solution.

There will be a free version without layered texturing and only simplified super sampling. Anyway, here’s a brief sneak peek…

…some noise types, mapped on ramp
…rendered with ZbornToy
…rendered pure and with ZbornToy (messiah:studio animation)


So the fire & water use a combination of ZbornToy&Noizette, done completely in AE, no 3D?
What are the render times like? 2 slow 2 be usable or not?


Hopefully we can come up with some good documentation and tutorial projects to get people using this amazing plugin. ROCK ON TARON!


Across the board the rendertimes were between 1 second per frame to a maximum of 7 seconds, which happened on the dwarf, because it’s 1280x960 footage and motionblur is added, too.

The fire rendered straight at 4 seconds per frame, that’s because there are two noiZettes involved and - although kind of redundantly so - two ZbornToys. I was using one Zborn to cast caustix through the fire to increase the amount of curiously moving detail within the flames. It really looks kind of cool. It would look just as interesting without it, but somehow I liked it and it adds literally 0.5 sec to the rendering time. The second Zborn does the heat-distortions, that’s all.
That project has but 4 comps, which makes AE slow it down a bit, too, as it seems. One comp generates a ramp from black to white (top to bottom). A second comp generates the flames. A third comp generates the smoke (same basic settings of the fire for noiZette with different texturing of parameters and falloff). The fourth comp puts it together, also using ZbToy applied to a second version of the smoke layer for the heat effect. All of this takes 4 seconds…hehe…on my 2.0Ghz Opteron that is. If you have a better machine, and I would almost want to make a bet you do, it’ll be a lot faster! :wink:

THANX, guys! I can’t wait to give it out to you! Still have to do some testing in other packages and we still need to compile a mac version, but it’s as good as there! :slight_smile:


Here are the elements of the fire. Again, I’ve rendered all this on my dual 2.0Ghz Opteron.

I totally forgot to mention, that I’ve also added ReelSmart’s motionblur to it, which appearantly is the slowest part of the chain in this case!
This one is without the caustix and takes 2.5 sec per frame.

This is with ZbornToy’s caustix on top, adding 0.5 sec per frame to the renderingtime.

This is the smoke part and it took 0.5 sec per frame.


Thanx 4 the info on the render-times.
(I’m working on a 2Ghz core duo with 2gb ram notebook.)

The caustics version does give a tad more realism with the displacement. And the smoke looks neat.
What is interesting, I use a 2nd monitor 4 video overlay (theatre mode) and as I’m playing your fire&smoke .mov files from within Firefox’s tabs, when I return to another tab without movie clips, all three .mov files are overlayed and play overlapped at the same time giving a nice effect…


Huh, sounds very cool, I had no idea that exists…theater mode? Wild.
Thanx, by the way! :slight_smile:

I’ve played around with it today again and made a little fog patch…kinda neat. Especially considering, that it only takes a little more than 2 seconds per frame.

These are the separate layers, both done with NoiZette. At first I only played around with the fog itself, but then realized a shadow layer moving across the depth image will help the 3d effect a lot…


Taron, that fire is totally f**in amazing.:thumbsup: Will you release bundle when the noizette is ready?


Thanx, Aaron! I’m having a lot of fun with it. Even while the fire’s just a 2d sheet, almost oldstyle stylized, texturing the turbulence leads to all kinds of more elaborate looking effects.

Anyway, I’ll see that I release the free version this coming Wednesday. The full version will be an individual release, but we were thinking about making a bundle deal with the zborntoy, too.

Something we havn’t announced, yet, to the public, is that an owner of any Taronites product is automatically invited to beta and even alpha test any of our upcoming filters.

Thanx again! :thumbsup:


hi taron,

ive been testing around with this plugin for some time now but havent realized what u can do with it, fire fog some totally new stuff and i cannot wait till noizette gets released to check that plugin out as well.

by the way hope i hope u have a good insurance cause when i loaded up the fire my laptop melted down hahahahahah

keep up the work on this amaizing plugins



We want to release mac and pc version together, so it’ll take a few more days until it’s out. You can also check at for news on that.

And on my website of course…


wow taron is this zborntoy and this new fractal noise plugin yours? they look very nice


Thanx! Yes, well, Philipp and I are writing together now, so it would be ours, then. But for the Taronites series ( ZbornToy, NoiZette and more ) it’s mostly my “crazy” ideas and initial routines. Philipp is an AE genius, I’d say and a far more gifted programmer than I am, although I am a heck of a lot faster, HAHAHA…wereby I’m not sure who of the two of us is crazier…hmmm… :shrug:

I’m really proud of that stuff, though! It’s a blast. (no advertising here, I’m dead serious!)
You guys&gals have to decide for yourself… and I’m happy about everyone, who does! Got some great feedback recently! Things appear to be happening! :bounce:


very nice and this free copy thing is nice too :smiley: like xsi is giving free the programm without licence


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