Snappy Zombie Animation



Just getting back into animation, I really enjoy the cartoony, snappy style, that’s what I’m going for. I’d love some feedback, please be as brutally honest as possible


Looks great! I would add a bit more overlap and settle in the entire body for the end pose. As of now the Screen Left arm is swaying quite a bit and the body can sway a bit as well. Also, I like the head snapping up in the first pose, but I would also add a slight change in the chest, shoulders as that movement happens.


Thanks for the feedback mate, really appreciate it. I’ll get into making those changes


Hello! it looke nice, good staging and feeling in this animation, but in my opinion you should make bigger anticipation, sometkink like reverse C on body and move him a little mor down to create this feeling like he push and go to next pose. Sorry for my english. And add more overlaping action on body and maby on the head