Snapping tool, is this the way it actually works?


I admit I haven’t watched any tutorial yet and my knowledge of the snapping tool in Cinema 4D is limited to my experience. Coming from Blender 3D I find it useless, but I’m must missing something.

Basically the issue I’m having is that in order to snap to objects side to side, I need to move their respective centers to the side I want to snap. This can’t be right, so, where’s the setting I’m overlooking?

In Blender 3D the center of the object is irrelevant, I can always snap to vertex, edge or polygon and it’s always 100% accurate.


Basically the issue I’m having is that in order to snap to objects side to side, I need to move their respective centers to the side I want to snap. This can’t be right…,

Sadly it is right. It can be done - in various ways, but the fundamental concept of the C4D snapping system is seriously flawed IMO. My guess is that it was probably designed by someone who has never used snapping to actually model anything…

Some options:

  1. Make editable ( C ). Use the enable axis tool ( L ) to move your origin to the required vertex - then snap.

  2. Create a null object and place that on the relevant vertex on the object you want to move. Make your object a child of that null, then snap that null into position.

  3. Make editable ( C ). Work in points mode - but that will leave your object axis behind.

Any other crazy workarounds anyone?


As Mike noted these steps will help you.
The C4D documentation states the following:

Follow these steps if you want to snap the points of an entire object (does not work with Primitives):

• In the Snap settings, set the mode to Point, for example.
• Press and hold the L hotkey to temporarily switch to the Enable Axis mode (if the axis is not moved, the object’s origin will be used as the pivot point).
• Click on the corresponding point of the object to be moved (which will then serve as the pivot point) to reposition the object at this location.
• Release the L key to exit the Enable Axis mode.
• Switch to the Move tool and drag the pivot point (including the object) to the position to which you want it to snap. Done.

Please note that:

Snapping does not work in conjunction with parametric objects’ Handles, Deformers, etc.

A different method you can use is Dynamic Guides. But if you want to stack multiple objects on top of each other or side by side with one click I think there is a plug-in for that.


Thank you @Mike_Abbott and @demis

Quite convoluted then. I really hoped my limited knowledge was to blame here. Too bad.
Well, after all there’s no perfect 3d software, so I guess I’ll just deal with it.

Thanks for helping.


Try this but it does not work in C4D R20. It does in C4D R19.DropIt.7z (23.0 KB)
The developer is inactive and couldn’t find any links to the plug-in so i’m uploading it here.

Check Drop-to-Floor if you are interester here:


Thank you, @demis

I already use drop-to-floor which I find very useful.
I’m on R20 so I can’t use DropIt.

For more complex modelling needs I think I’ll stick to Blender 3D for now which, when it comes to modelling, it fits my needs extremely well.



If I get your problem right you’d want to look into dynamic guides. You can’t exactly snap a vertex to another and move the entire object exactly like you can in 3ds Max (I presume Blender works similarly like 3ds Max with regards to snapping, at least they way described it) but it definitely works.

Don’t forget, with dynamic snapping you sometimes need to “hover” over the vertex with your mouse so that it can create a dynamic guide… :slight_smile:


Thank you, @nejck

I’ll try that! :slight_smile: