Snapping to lower object?


In Keyshot, there is an option of snapping any object to the lower object. I have found this helpful in placing human figures on different levels like floors, balconies, etc. during rendering.

Now in Cinema 4D, how can do this kind of collision based snapping?


There was a plugin called Drop It! IIRC that probably does what you’re after if it’s still available. So many plugins have fallen by the wayside though.

There was a free plugin called drop to floor too.

There may be others so your best course of action should be to consult Mr. Google.

This may be what you’re after,

Always check Nitroman’s list of Magic (free) plugins for workflow helpers.

Sorry, this wasn’t what you were looking for. I was certain Nitroman had his own drop it like addon.


In S24 or later, use the Place tool or the Dynamic Place tool.


I’ve always wondered how this has never been implemented, it seems pretty basic. KPT Bryce could do this in 1997.


Thanks @Cinemike. That did it. :+1:t2::+1:t2: I wonder how were people doing it before S24. Just by trial and error?

Initially I thought it was some plugin or some artist. Just googled and realized that it’s a name of a software.


T’was a remarkable thing back in it’s day (see also Kai’s Power Tools, Goo, Convolver, Soap), was ahead of it’s time and with perhaps the best interface ever created. Kai Krause was a genius who is responsible for many software innovations that are used widely today.