Snap to Grid problem


For some reason Ive lost my ‘Snap to Grid’ fuction. I can snap individual CV’s but not multiple CV’s to to a grid line. Does anyone know how to fix this? It used to work.

w e i r d :scream:


you need to be in the correct “Move” tool mode. Make sure it is in world.


Doh! Thanks bud.



np, take it easy


Is there also a way to snap multiple CVs to one gridline no matter where they were first?
For Ex. if i have a circle, and I want to align all points from one half to a line, to have a bow like in a churchwindow (round at the top, straigt lined at the bottom), can I snap them at once?


yeah just turn off retain component spacing in the move options…the quickest way to acces that is by holding w and pressing your left mb


Thanks, I knew I did it once…


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