SNAIL, Jomar Machado (3D)


Title: SNAIL
Name: Jomar Machado
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max

A little creature in the great Atlantic Jungle
that used to run all across the sea border in Brasil
(Now this jungle can be only found in certain areas,
like here in Rio de Janeiro).
I’ve worked a whole week modelling and making the textures for this piece.
Used poly to model and displace maps.
Mental ray rendering with HDRI and Final Gather.
I hope you enjoy the scene. Comments are welcome. :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado


Beautiful I love that little guy. Venus Fly traps in the background are a nice touch.:thumbsup:


Very nice snail!
Shell is beautifull :slight_smile:


excellent, my only comment is the the stone colors is very similar to the sanil color.


hey Jomar !

U know i think that snail is awsome right!
Brings out your style alot, pretty tight.
lets see more of theese works of yours here eih!

awsome dude Keep up…




i like it.

especially when people take the time to post small stories about their picture.

anywho, my one crit would be to use SSS instead of z-transparency for the snail body. since ur already using HDRI… SSS wouldn’t add too much time. and i’m a huge fan of SSS on organic matter lol

i liek the scale



Thank you all for your nice comments. :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado


I like it alot! :thumbsup: great and very colorful, like a retouched macrophoto.

Good job on the modeling aswell :slight_smile:

/ Magnus


Excelente trabalho com a modelagem e texturas. O primeiro plano com as drosera estão de primeira também. Bom uso de HDRI, também! Este é o meu favorito (entre o lagarto e a coca)! Faz tempo que eu não uso o 3DMax. Como voce cria os mapas de displacement? Eu to começando a trabalhar com o zbrush. è bom ver trabalhos de qualidade assim aqui do Brasil. Não deixa de me avisar se colocar mais alguma imagem aqui.


I like it, you have talent fer sure. :thumbsup:


nice work.


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