Smurf Sighting, Nate Hallinan (2D)


This is the most adorable Smurf. You made believable character and environment.
Well Done! I really Love it.


The subsurface scattering makes me weep with joy!!! Thanks for posting the process


very very nice!


Not only is it fun but I can’t believe how clean and clear the image is, really masterful, astonishing execution, excellent image in every way. I’ve been looking at it for days, not being able to even begin to describe how much I like it. Massive respect! :thumbsup:


Amazing work mate! I love the realistic approach, reminds me of the artwork of Rien Poortvliet. A Dutch artist who wrote several books, illustrated with paintings., with realistic interpretations of gnomes and trolls & such.


Great concept, design and execution! The WIP images are informative, too.


This isn’t my line, but the sentiment is: When I grow up, I want to draw like Nate. Incredible job, man, just wow.


OMG! This is so awesome!
Excellent work and story =]


Oh, wow. I love this design! If this is what Smurfs looked like, I think I would like them a whole lot more.


this is amazing work! really realistic!!i’m so in love with this version!


A very original version of a smurf ! Stunning work !
Congrats !!! :thumbsup:


Wow, thank you very much everyone! I’m still very overwhelmed by the response this has received.

Shirak - Don’t lie, I know it was you :wink:


Wow :eek: Amazing peace of art !
Excellent materials colors and lighting .


What an awesome, original yet logical concept.
It’s simple and wonderful!


touch of cute sprinkle of creepy and a whole lota awesome


love the whole concept! :slight_smile:


great work!


Awesome art seriously, the texture in the painting the lighting and the amazing depth of field not to mention the awesome character design work…FANTASTIC!!!


Awesome Schtroumpf :slight_smile: concept !


Absolutely love this piece! Great job on recreating a believable smurf =). Grats Nate