Smoothing quaternion rotations with maxscript?



I’m trying to create a rotation smoothing script that smoothes rotation curves based on quaternions.
Right now I’m calculating the average quaternion within a search range around each key by using slerp alot.
However this approach is quite slow and doesn’t yield very satisfying results. It’s basically like a box blur in photoshop.

I’d love to have something like a gaussian blur, maybe even a way to only blur ‘noisy’ parts of the curve (just like in the biped work bench), but the math for this doesn’t seems to be as simple as 'multiply each sample by a weight based on the distance to the center and then add ‘em all together’.

I’ve searched google for this, but all I get is papers and books you have to pay for. :sad:

Is somebody here reall good with quaternions and can help me? :slight_smile:



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