"smoothing groups"


I’m looking for the equivalent of max’s “smoothing groups” in zbrush. Can anybody point me in the right direction?


I think what you are asking for is something we all would like to see in an upcoming Zbrush version. That means, one of so many lacking options.

But lets hope I am wrong, and that there is some kind of shader that can be used without letting the facets being visible.


What are smoothing groups?


It is a max term.


Its a way where you can control the look between faces. If they have the same smoothing group, the face looks like its one face. Or in maya, its the normal-smoothing.

So whats been asking here is if its possible to hide the rough lowpoly look.


Duh. So what does it mean. Or do you only want Max people to help you?

I use Zbrush and Cinema 4D. If you could be more descriptive maybe non-Max, Zbrush folks could help as well.


Ah, in Cinema we call it Phong smoothing. (controls are in the Phong Tag).

In Zbrush you turn off Quick 3D. And you can go to Tool>Display Properties>DSmooth


And once again - I prooved for my self that I still lack of knowledge about the most simple features.

Thanx Acme! You really saved my day :slight_smile:
I thought this was missing. I dont know why this Dsmooth value isnt default.


what i was actually looking for was the feature in zbrush called “crease”
Crease=Smoothing Groups (max)=Soften/Harden normals(maya)


the function in zbrush i was searching for is called “Crease”

Crease=Smoothing Groups (Max)=Soften/Harden normals (Maya)


Ah, now I understand. However, I dont really understand how this can be useful inside Zbrush. Could you send some pictures?

A small tip about double posting. Wait a bit and see if your post has been sent or not. Dont ask me why this happens, that cgtalk doesnt update immediately, but it happens.


I did waited a couple hours man, not sure what’s up with that… never had it take that long for a post to appear.

Creasing edges comes in handy when working with objects that are non-organic and need a few rigid edges in places to hold thier form. Like a gun or weapon for a game.


Double posting: Yeah, I agree, that it seems quite weired sometimes.

Could you show some images showing creasing edges? I do understand your point, but it could be interesting to see some results.
I tried it shortly, but one small touch with the smooth tool did eliminate the effect.


Dont know if this can help u…there is a crease feature in z : tool\geometry\crease edges.Press ctrl and keep your cursor on top of this button to see its usage.However this is not exportable.
Another way to add crease is with Crisp button but it adds a loop.
Hope it helps.


Thanx micro - that was what I thought, that its just something visual. Could be useful to know, just in case - thats why I asked Grooveholmes for a picture. Could be interesting to see how he is using this feature. Or anyone else (except the ctrl-tooltip, which I already saw)


check out the zscrpt tut where they model the phone for displacement mapping. Perfect example.


the crease otion just make sharps edges when you add polys.
There are definitively no normals smoothing in zbrush.
When you disable quick rendering then apply the smoothing, zbrush just subdivide your mesh tones of polygons, to give the illusion of smoothing, just like if you add subdiv levels…
But if you could look close, you still have unsmoothed normals. The problem with smooth display is that it disapear everytime you turn your mode, or work on it…
If your looking for smoothed areas and sharp ones, you have to add a lot on polys and crease desired edges…


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