Smoothing groups or turbosmooth?



I tried to inset faces and connect edges for Turbosmooth, but it doesn’t work. First I chamfered the edges and it worked but then the uv unwrap went crazy. I am trying to understand the difference. What should I do with my model?



If you’re trying to make a building I wouldn’t use subdivision modeling. Just model things with enough smoothness and add chamfered edges where you need them.


check the checkbox ‘preserve uvs’
the change of uv have no way to prevent ,3d software can’t prevent uv real if polygon is not a rectangle


darthviper107, I don’t understand what do you mean. I’ve always used turbosmooth. How am I supposed to do the arcs if I don’t use it?
AEI, I don’t understand either. I tried to check the preserve uvs box with no effect


I mean if you check the box , the uv mess up again , then you need unwrap manual
if the polygon is a rectangle , UV will be prevented well , if not and UV is not same as polygon , UV will mess up no matter what you have try .


There’s a lot of ways to make a curved surface. So for example if you need to make an arch for a doorway you can start off with an Arc spline and then extrude it into the shape you want.

For buildings, mostly they are very simple shapes and it would make it more complicated if you put turbosmooth on top of that, it’s not necessary and it’s going to be a pain to make it work.