smoothing groups in maya ??


hhmm, is there anyway to have smoothing groups in maya ??

for those of you who have a Max background what is the option to determine smoothing near edges on certain parts of a model or whats the equivalent ??..



Yes, just select pieces of the geometry, create a selection set, and then use the tools in edit polygons->normals to set your smoothing.


aaaahhh, i havent totally understood what you just said but im happy to hear that maya as some sort of smoothing group device thanks for the input

i’ve done a quick search in the Maya index for " selection set " but i havent gotten any result …

in your opinion what else there is ??

thanks very much


you dont need smoothing groups in maya… actually, smoothing groups in general are pretty useless… in maya, you can make an edge hard or soft. just go into edit polygons, normals, soften/harden… hit all soft if you want it all soft or all hard if you want it hard… if you want to have a selection set of polygons you can do that too… but there is no point what so ever to having smoothing groups. just set whichever edges you want hard… its as simple as that… if you want to group poly’s… just select the polys you want, and go to create, sets, quick select set… then you can select them at a later time by going into edit, quick select sets, and selecting the desired set… hope this helps…


Well I don’t really agree that smoothing groups are totally useless. It makes it easy to manage smoothing where you have different parts of the model that you want to have identical smoothing settings. Like for mechanical objects or whatever.

Anyway, to explain it clearly in Max speak…

Select the faces/edges, whatever “subobjects” you want to be part of your “smoothing group”.

Go to create->sets->quick select set.

Type in a name for this set (smoothing group).

Go to edit polygons->normals, and use whatever tools in there you need to set “smoothing”. Soft, hard, set to face, average normals, whatever.

If you need to access these “smoothing groups” again, you need only type the name of the quick select set in the selection box in the status line (above the channel box).

Not quite as easy to manage as smoothing groups in Max, but it functions the same.


MCronin is right smoothing groups are as much important than materials are.

I’ve located the options for those thanks to your help but im a bit sorry that there aint much much more documentation related to SG i would have liked a complete book on just that (hehe :D) … well im not gonna give up just on that, let me thank you very much for the help here



well each to thier own… If you like smoothing groups then you like smoothing groups… I myself see no point to them… either an edge is hard or its soft. I’ve made a ton of things in 3d and never once needed any kind of groups to deal with the smoothing… I just say…ya know what, these edges need to be soft…and these need to be hard… But, everyone does things different… thats why there is always 50 ways to do one task… just hope you can get what your looking for in maya…


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