Smooth skinning


Ok, I am not an animator, but find that as my modeling skill level is raising, I need to understand basic rigging skills to now get my models posed. I have spent a lot of time with melvin and the beast from HyperReal rigging and find that melvin is too low quality and the beast is too complicated for me at the moment. As I mentioned I only need to get the model rigged enough to pose.

Here is my problem: I understand that the skeleton NEEDS to follow Maya’s node rule and the joints Have to be correctly named and positioned, but when I apply the smooth skin, using setting/suggestions from various tuts, the areas around the pelvis, armpits, and neck/shoulders become a nightmare. When I start to adjust the weights, it seems that when I get one area pretty good and move to the next the area I just left goes back to the way it was. Do you NEED a control rig or deformers under the skin to get really smooth bending at the joints or is there away around this. The tuts mention that the default skinning is “good enough” but I have no idea what “good enough” for them is, but its not for me. What is the best way to treat these difficult areas? How do you guys skin your models? What is the best method for getting this smooth stretching around the joints instead of creasing and major poly deformation?

I am working on a half naked amazon for a personal project and she is really kneeling so I cannot hide these problem zones, but I am getting major hard creasing…nightmare.

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Thank you for the link, I did a search must must skipped over it, this it great.



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