Smooth function crashes maya


So ive finished my model, posed it and everything but now every time I attempt to smooth the entire model maya will just crash on me. I first start by hiding everything but polygons but that doesn’t help either. Even subdividing by a factor of 1 makes it crash. Im running 16gb of Ram and one of the fastest i7 CPUs available at the moment so I dont think my hardware is the problem. I can smooth multiple things at once but there are just far too many small details that I would have to smooth and it would be extremely time consuming. Has anyone else encountered this problem before?


16 gigs and it still crashes on you… damn. I assume you’re using smooth preview (hitting 3 on keyboard). Try applying a mental ray approximation to your mesh, at least then you can see what your smoothed mesh will look like after a render. You could also try enabling fast interaction before your smooth. (kinda a shot in the dark).


Will rendertime subdivision be suffice for what you’re trying to do?

Try delete all histories on the models before you smooth.


Or Edit>Delete by Type>Non-Deformer History
if your mesh is skinned.


thanks for the replies, not too sure what rendertime subdivision is haha. I ended up combining the mesh and it seemed to work, however if i go over 2 smooths maya will crash on me. So i had to smooth once then again individually and it worked. Not the best solution but it’ll have to do. It has no skin on it just an ambient occlusion material attached.


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