Smooth bind vertex normal distortion


I adapted a sample “The Setup Machine” rig to this cat (see attached) and smooth bound it, but I’ve had this same issue with other rigs as well.

When I rotate the top character control, the vertex normals distort with the rotation. This happens no matter how I manipulate the normals (averaging, softening, whatever), either before or after I skin it.

In the attached images, the normals were set to face before smooth binding. The mesh has no history but the skin nodes. In the first image, the Y rotation of the character is zero; in the second, the rotation is 180 (the camera is parented to the character). That’s the only difference. But the normals just do their own thing. The result is similar if I soften or average normals before binding, whether or not I delete the history first.

Anyone know how to fix this?


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