Smear on Normal Map


I’ve got this problem a couple of times now, and I can’t find anything on it in thes forums.

I’m getting on occasion, usually when really close to my final zbrushing, corruptions when I create a normal map. Everything on the model seems fine, just all of a sudden when I create a normal map, I get this be streak across it, like as if one point was really far off or something. Here’s a screengrab:

(it’s that yellowy streak right through the middle of it)

I created normal maps for this object about 20 times, and just when I was thinking this might be the final go, this happened.

So I neeeeeed help getting rid of this error, or at least advice as to how to avoid it happening in the future.

Thanks in Advance!


Just an idear… :
Maybe you have a stray 1 point or 2 point poly in your mesh…


While I was waiting for replies, I did find a stray poly. Spent the better part of an hour smoothing out all the detail I put in that area trying to unstray it. Was successful. Streak remained.


Maybe if you just remove that poly?


What happened here was sometime during the process of your sculpting the UV’s were seperated and moved. So smoothing out the geometry won’t fix this issue.

What you’ll have to do is either export out the highpoly model of this, and fix the UV’s in another application, or try and see if you can just export that piece of your geometry and fix it. If you can export out the piece that has the bad UV, then you should be able to just generate a normal map with that piece, and combine the map with the other part of the geometry.

I’ve had this happen a few times, and that was the only way I could figure out how to fix it.


A big issue in zbrush… it often happen me when I use smart resym…

One GOOOOOOD thing to do : when you work in zbrush, ALWAYS keep you base mesh, in OBJ somewhere on your hard drive.
If you have a problem, you can always create a morph (to keep the shape), then reimport it.
It will replace uvs like the original.
If you dont have it anymore, you can export your low res obj, in maya (never succed to do it in max, obj import into mesh, not polys) fix the uvs, then reload it in zb.
Back to the highest res, you will get your details back, with the corect uv.


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