SMC61-6.03.2011 to 8.03.2011-


SMC61-6.03.2011 to 8.03.2011-

This will be this years summer speed modeling activity, its with a longer time limit and I have added a new list in the beginning of this thread and older items towards the end of the thread.
You got two months. :slight_smile:

New items 2 hours

ear ring
super mario toy
horse head
skateboard bearings
steering wheel
airgun pellets
flash light
traffic lights
stop sign
cartoon head
regular staircase
wooden pier

Older Items mix 2 hours

remote control
tennis ball
a couple of rocks
Eiffel Tower
bicycle tire
light bulb
tyrannosaurus skull (skeleton)
USB mouse
pumps (shoes, female)
pipe system
nintendo 8 bit hand control
glass balls
Study Desk
Chain Lock
Coffe Cup
Chocolate Box
chocolate Bar
Wire Fence


I was able to post at the end of the last one and hopefully this is a good start for this one. This took me about 1.5 hours :frowning: About 25 min. went into actually modeling, the rest of the time was me fiddling around with rendering stuff and trying to find a texture online. Still learning. Any critique is appreciated. For the record, I’m using Blender and loving it.


Speed Model Challenge - Dumbbell

It took about an hour to model - actually a little less, but the textures, lighting, and setting up the right subdivision level took 20+ minutes or so. Just a quick couple of procedural textures.

I was aiming for 1 hour since I thought the first part of the list was one hour before re-reading it after posting this. I’m going to try to do every item on the list if possible! :slight_smile:


This took me about 2 hours (just a couple of minutes under that) from start to finish) for both the modeling, surfacing, and rendering. The modeling took the majority of that. I was using some advanced primitives in Lightwave to start out the process, but it took a lot of fine tweaking to get it to start to do what I was aiming for. I’m still not too sure about some of the yellow ‘chains’ but the shape is starting to get to where I want it to be.


The Model took me approximately an hour and a half to create, but I was a bit distracted since we were watching America’s Got Talent at the same time, and I was also using an internet browser to look at various spear reference images at the same time. I was originally intending to base this on the Hofburg Spear of Destiny that supposedly the spear that pierced the side of Christ according to some, but decided that since I was on a timeline in order to complete this in less than 2 hours, I was going to sort of go off in my own direction with it as a generic spear that just has the rough basic shape as that spear.

I probably spent about 45 minutes adjusting various settings in the procedural texture settings in Lightwave to get the texture I was aiming for. I didn’t focus too much on lighting the scene. It’s just using the generic default light from Lightwave.


jeffthomann, nice, keep going. :slight_smile: It’s ok if you add another 30 more minutes or similar. I made the time limit a little more flexible since some of these objects are gonna take more time, probably that super mario toy item above. :argh:


Another thing aswell guys.
If you have made something with the 2 hours time limit and wanna continue, do so. Just post where you are 2 hours into progress and then the finished with perhaps how many hours you used for the modeling.


I probably will go back and finish some of these and do a massive upload on Turobsquid or something later on.

As far as Mario goes, I thought about it, and actually, I uh, don’t plan on doing the Mario toy on Moral grounds and for other reasons.

I was going to do something as a substitute, like a Mushroom model (and still might before the end of the competition), but my sinuses are really bothering me today, and today after work I couldn’t do anything but go home and sleep. I’ve been completely exhausted today both mentally and physically on a lot of levels. Even just after getting up from my nap a few minutes ago I’m not feeling well. I’m told by some folks at work that right now is really, really, really a bad time for those of us with allergy problems since clover is blooming. I don’t know if it’s that, the cicada’s or something else, but something’s got a hold of me. Today, both this morning and just now, I woke up with sore back, pens and needles sensations in my arms, tight chest feeling, etc. It’s honestly kinda scary, but I’m sure it’s all related to stress and sinuses for the most part. Even doing a ‘sinus wash’ this morning didn’t help as much as it should have.

Mentally, I’ve been taking on ‘the big dogs’ so to speak over there in Entropia, and have a lot on my mind about that. (long story there - Hopefully no one is working some voodoo magic on me, lol).

I know, I know, fan art is usually not a bad thing from some levels and all that, but I’d rather stay away from copyright/trademark issues in stuff I’m personally doing like this. I do like using the list as a ‘to do’ list of sorts but don’t want to really do a lot of derivative artwork unless it’s on stuff that’s really and truly in the public domain, etc.

Sidenote for those of you that don’t mind doing derivative stuff - nice reference material over at

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Friday edit: Probably not working on this project tonight, and might actually give up on it, but maybe not. Just found out today that my job no longer exists after July 5th. They have a spot for me in another department in the same building, but I’m not too keen on it, so am probably on the search for a new job…


take 45min in making this belt this is abdullah a new Member in this forum.


jeffthomann, sorry to hear about your job, life is hard for sure. I have had my ups and downs aswell and hopefully we learn from them. :slight_smile:
lol I guess the super mario toy was a bad item, haha will see if I get the time to do something with it myself, it sure is a challenge you know.

dumbbell, 1 hour.
Made it flat without smooth, snif I wish Blender would have smooth groups…


Modeling time: 1 hour, 57 minutes
Lighting/rendering: about 10 minutes.

I’m sort of got in to rushing the middle portion since I had like 10 minutes left, so just sort of sped through doing what I could. I’ve tried to model ears before a few years ago. It’s it always a challenge. It really looks like a simple structure at first, but is not. I used box model and extender to create the main outer lobe and then built extra extrusions off of that both towards the inside/middle and outside.


It’s starting to come along. I can add eyes and more details later I guess. I might try some hair for it in saslight. Actually, if I do that, I might make that the ‘hair’ part of the challenge! :slight_smile:


Here’s a quick dumbbell - I had some trouble reproducing the spiral screws on the end of the bar - any tips? Thanks! =)


justdrew, me and another guy in here discussed the screw method a little bit previously by mailing eachother. What I did was just to add a screw modifier to some vertices acting as silhouette, that way I got the whole profile of the screw. Then just moved some vertices around to make the end pieces and added cylinders to those end pieces.
However I had problems making the gap to weld, so mine works on a distance but not on a close inspection. Not entirely sure how to weld a screw, I guess edit edge loop and maybe remove them vertices… …Haven’t had time to try that out yet though.


Thanks for the tip, I think I see exactly how you did it now, and I’d like to try it. Here’s my second 2 hour model - I did this one late so the geometry isn’t the cleanest, but (I believe) it came out looking solid. If you have any critiques, I’m open to them. Thanks!


3 hours for modeling and shading.


staircase (regular staircase), 20 minutes.
Mostly did composite experimenting with this one.


NES Controller, 1 hour 10 minutes.


I wanted to give this a try, I’ve been meaning to for a while and now I’ve finished uni I can

Total Modeling time - about 25 mins
Texturing - 45 mins


Wow, looks good!