SMC58 -3.20.2011 to 4.20.2011-


HCGremlin, wow this is awesome I love them all, nice detail on the axe it’s not that bad at all. :slight_smile:

lol I feel embarassed about my bad eggs now lol. :blush:


Interesting how creative one can be when it comes to something as simple as an egg, found these yesterday when I looked for inspiration for topics. Called Egg carvings I believe.
Very inspirational, gotta try it sometime. :slight_smile:

Photo copyright;


Good ref, and masking makes it all too easy in zbrush :slight_smile:

Total time: 5 Minutes


Quick Egg. 30 minutes or so. Could have done it faster, but I’ve been out of practice (last time I did a lot with Lightwave was back in 2005) and am doing this sort of stuff to get back in to it.

That shadow looks a little too steep. Might have to make it a little ‘less well done’ next time.


Just a random plant. Total modeling time was around an hour and 20 minutes or so. Might try more plants someday that more closely match real world plants… They are kind of fun to try to model. :slight_smile:


Did the chocolate bar for a quick warm up to some other evening modeling.

Took about five minutes, but I spent at least another 10 niggling the edge distances just so to make it look more like chocolate and less like plastic. Turned out it just needed a chocolate-colored blinn.:-/

Wireframe on shaded, unsmoothed and smoothed.


Simple little desk/table. Not sure on the time. Was about half an hour, but that was slowed down since a movie came on (“Wanted” - computer is next to the tv, lol. First time I saw that movie ;)). Ended up quitting since the movie is too distracting.

Might come back to it later.

Would have put this in the wordpress too but it’s acting up now… left clicking does not seem to work, but right clicking and opening in new tab or window seems to?


Took longer to set up the render than it did to model the thing :smiley:


A chain for ya’ll. Took about 20 minutes because I forgot to add the seams in until everything was arranged and not an instance… Let that be a less to yeh! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lock took just under two hours. Next time I need to make sure I fix that crumpling around the details before the geometry goes too wild…
Key took about half an hour.


Total time, 40 minutes with render


Inspirational stuff guys, real awesome. :slight_smile:

Tried a chain cluster but the render kept messing up, here’s a camera view of what I was thinking. Don’t have time to mess around with it anymore.


Some glasses, worktime 15min
Will make something else at home aswell, got limeted time at work / playing around in my break, hehe



Psidream, I lived in Kverneland up til last year for approx 3 years; cool to see someone from Sandnes. I worked in Sandnes and Stavanger… ( Eg skjønner ka du sæger før någe. :slight_smile: )


Kult da :slight_smile:



Great stuff guys!

Though I would give this a shot.

Simple Studydesk 30min

I am a student by the way.


Another chain experiment, 10 minutes.


@God-Of-Zilla: Hey, your chains look really cool. I was wondering how did you get this effect? did you manually place them? or was there a script involved? what software were you working with? Thanks :slight_smile:


stascrash, thank you. :slight_smile: It was particles mode with chains in Blender and then I mirrored it with composite which was cheating I guess lol, the mirror effect made them look attached, it was a very quick method. :beer:


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