SMC 41 (4-20 to 5-4)

  • The speed modelling challenges are open to everybody.
    - In every challenge you will get a list of items. Pick one and try to model it as fast as possible. If you want, you can do all of them.
    - Do not exceed the time limit of the challenge. If you’re out of time and still haven’t finished, post the unfinished model.
    - If you finish before the time limit, spend the remaining time on refining and adding details to your model.
    - Focus on modelling. Shading, lightning and “proper” rendering are optional (and thus not limited by time).
    - Take as much time for reference hunting as you need.
    - When posting your model make sure you post a wireframe of your model. (try to do more then one view of the model).
    - You can do any challenge you want. The challenges are not closed when the SMC passes. If you fancy an older challenge, do that.
    - For the concept items you have to create your own designs. If possible post the design images as well.

Items (2h time limit)

      - bull,
  • bonsai tree,

  • footbridge,

  • stapler,

  • old typewriter,

  • butterfly,

  • unicycle,

  • Eiffel tower,

  • parking meter,

  • teapot (max users no cheating! :))

    Concept items (3h time limit) - design it yourself!
  • fence,

  • sofa,

  • shield,

  • body armor,

  • car.

       Happy modelling!


Teapot, 30 minutes.

Colors became a little messed up in the render.
Sorry about that. And yea the lid is not solid, changed my mind late in the render process.

Tried another render, made things worse lol.

Wireframe, clay render.

Experimental, mostly threshold setting in Gimp. :slight_smile:


How did you do that wireframe image? Did you just extrude the faces or something?


Teapot - 45mins
Haven’t done anything in months, so it took a while to shake off the rust and find hotkeys.


I assume you are familiar with Blender?
It is solid wireframe in scripts, go to Mesh (in edit mode) then scripts and then choose solid wireframe. Only works in low poly for me though, doesn’t handle sub division that well.
I tried that on the scissor, if you remember in the previous session…?

hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Love the teapots


Butterfly - 1 hour for mesh, took the easy way out and used alphamap for wings. :blush:


Revon, you inspired me to try the butterfly too. :slight_smile:

I messed up the colors this time too, might be the gamma.
Snif, gotta check the settings…

Butterfly, 1 hour.
The body was rather quick like 30 minutes, had problems with the wings though. Couldn’t understand the anatomy of the wings and the parts where it attaches to the body. Would need better close up’s if I were to model the wings.
This butterfly is from two separate butterflies, one was the body and another source the wings.
Made my own super butterfly. :argh:

Light setting



Tried with photon mapping but hmm I think I need bigger resolutions to be able to get better colors.
I will work more on this for the next session. :wip:

Photonmapping with color mapping… if you call it that?


Argh, 1,5h into making a “bull” and mesh bugged out during first save…
Oh well, it wasn’t looking anything like a bull anyways, more like a dog with big nostrils and stubby legs. At least I learned few things about modeling organic stuff, seems like Zbrush-esque style of using two spheres as starting point for body worked pretty well in giving good edgeflow around the legs.


Bonsai tree, 1.30 hours.

Really mem consuming this… I tried with particles but couldn’t add more particles because the rendering really became problematic.
Some different renders, maybe I should only go with internal render next time lol.

Yafaray render

Internal 2.5 alpha 2 render

Greyscale and some parts wire.


Oh boy, I feel your pain, I’ve done that before. Just get over it and remember that this is just practise and not all things turn out right. :slight_smile:

Got uni deadlines so not much from me recently but though I’d warm-up with a quick 1 hours attempt on the typewriter.


Sofa - 1h 30min
I was working on making seats for '67 Corvette when I thought about using them for SMC Sofa.
It took some time since the first priority was getting basic geometry proportionally correct, before exporting over to another project file. But it was fun to take eyes off reference photos and do whatever popped into my head.


Very nice. :slight_smile:


it had to be done

45 minutes


Ha haha! Well, this is probably common knowledge at this point, but I’ll say it anyway: did you know the red Swingline wasn’t produced until Office Space featured one? It was first produced 3 years after Office Space was released.

It’s been a while since I’ve submitted anything (busy busy), but I wanted to stop in and see what everyone was doing. Things are looking good! I especially like the extra time folks are putting in to texturing and rendering they’re finished products.

BTW: I love the “Concept Modeling” idea. I might jump on one of those the next chance I get.


Thanks! :wink:


This is the first time I have had a go at one of these Speed Modelling sessions, I thought it was time I had a try! It hasn’t turned out as well as I wanted it to, the handle is my biggest gripe, but oh well! I also need to work on my presentation/lighting skills.

Teapot - 1hr and 15 minutes.


My first go at speed modelling. I chose the parking meter and started working off this reference:

I’m not too pleased with my first attempt, I made a few mistakes with the actual topology of the model and I spent a bit too much time thinking about what to do next, and therefore not getting it done in time. Either way, it was good practice and I’m going to have another go at something on the list.

Edit: Forgot to add that I done this within a 2 hour time limit.

Anyway, here’s the wireframe.

And the clean shot.


about 1 hour of work, maybe someday i will make some textures for it

about 2 and a half hours, i lost too much time thinking on a easy way to do the wires on the wheel but i gave up and did them by hand =/, if someone knows how to do those wires in a easy way please tell me.