Smallpoly_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Nice drawings!


It’s cool that you shared some of your beautiful illustration WIPs!


Great drawings as always :smiley:


Love seeing the process…& the texture…one can feel it.


@All Thank you!

Now that we’re supposed to be doing the themes, I did this one based on “Chimney”. The ink wash in the background came out way too layered,so I might try misting the paper on the next one.


Wonderfulstuff! You should do more scenery!


Great piece! I agree with grafik, also would love to see more landscapes from you.


More landscapes sounds fun. :slight_smile:

Here’s day 7. This time I used a small mist spray bottle I had on hand from some bleach shirts to get the paper damp before doing the washes, so they blended like Copic markers do.


Nice ink work!


It worked out very well! Love to see your Works.


Nice work !


Thank you!

Day 8’s. Starting with a reference photo of Tubingen in Germany, then exaggerating the differences in scale between the large and small buildings. Mostly quill again for this one for the fine lines, and the Tombow for the big stuff. When I started off I was going to use my Lamy, but it kept having flow problems and the line was too wide for what I wanted to do.


Very nice pen drawing!


They are small masterpieces!


Nice work. I really like your hand drowing. I’ve got some personal fineliner works too. Good luck and keep going :slight_smile:


Amazing work SmallPoly! I love your landscapes :slight_smile:


One of myfavourites from you! So much detail in this small artwork.


Very nice drawing!


Nice linework! Your works inspire me to give ink another try)


Thanks again everyone!

Power outages still rolling through from the fire down south. Day 9 is a day late. For this one used a small felt tip of a brand called Recollections Signature Especial.