Smallpoly_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


The direct answer is that he’s replacing a cartridge, but thematically it has more to do with drug addiction and depression.


You make using ink look so easy. Great thumbnails and sketches and story you’re showing in each piece!


@justcallmeinsane Thank you!

Day 19, wanted to take another shot at drawing robots and enlarging from the thumbnails from yesterday. Did some of that, then started into some drawings of immortal robots that want to die, but their attempts just aren’t enough…


Hit image limit. Last two - the enlargements from yesterdays thumbnails.

Full sheet from this one.


I like a lot day18! These last sketches look pretty cool also! It’s different from your previous works.


I like the Spare parts robot. Good work. The robot-doodles are also very nice! I like the one with the face :slight_smile:


The suicidal robots made me laugh out loud! Ahaha Very cool stuff SmallPoly :smiley:


Holy shiiieeeeetttt. You’re so creative (and productive) ! I’m in awe !
Those drawings are so beautiful and funny ! So inspiring too !! :eek:


love your sketches very loose and with a pen :applause:


Good call on Josan.
Interesting ideas in the robo suicide doodles. I like that your showing practice images leading to the final.


@grafik, LadyMedusa, POSEIdOON, WyattHarris: Thanks guys! I’m having a lot of fun doing the robots, so I think I’ll be doing more in the future.

@Lammakian, Khosi: Thank you!

Did some more suicidal robot stuff for day 20, this time as a comic strip sort of thing and started up a page on the comic hosting site “Tapas”. Did another one last night too I haven’t scanned yet. I think the next time I do one of these challenges I should start off doing one extra so I can be more on top of things and post in the morning or afternoon instead of posting each new one at 2AM the next day. :wink:


Very good drawings! luscious lines.
I like your humor, as you run the thread all the way through.


Ehehehnot an easy existence! Your work really excels in the thumbnail format.


Day 21


I love that panel - ‘wait, I dont breathe’. haha.

Can’t wait to see the last day :slight_smile: You can do it!


Loved to see your work man! Waiting to see your final piece tomorrow because tonight i need to rest and i’ll continue to follow your work on social media. So if i don’t see it tomorrow i’ll find you in 2018 (this seemed a stalker line! lol)
Merry Chrismtas and a Happy New Year!!!


Thanks guys! Final one. Glad this thing is over because I’m ready to relax.

14x17 this time. My mom had asked for a botanical drawing for Christmas, so I wanted to do that one last so I could benefit from the practice.

Just can’t get this non-photo blue pencil to come out.

Tried out an ink wash on a second page, but ended up deciding against it.


Hey man! Congratulationson completing!
Great finish pieces, day 21 is one of your best! It was a pleasure to see your daily works!


Botanical drawings require a lot of skill and patience. You did really good :).
Nice to see you finish. It’s been a long ride and I think we all have earned us a little break. Happy holidays!


Loved this ending piece! Really great inking skills :slight_smile:
Happy well deserved rest! Ehehe