Smallpoly_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Really curious to see whether traditional drawing is going to be allowed on this one. I’ve been dying to get back into inking with quills.

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I think it would be neat if they included drawings of all kinds :slight_smile: Neat work with quills!! Never thought of that before.


Nice work.


Thanks Aikiman!


Loved your drawing! I’m very scared of inks. Not able to erase makes alot of pressure ehehe


Awesome job! Really like it :grinning:


Whoa! This is really good! And frenchies are such cool dogs too. Is this your dog?
I’ll be following your thread for sure :slight_smile:


Great sketch. I believe you have to use a wacom tablet for the challenge.


nice drawing!


Thank you!

Travis just confirmed that Wacom considers it an endurance challenge and they’re allowing all traditional media, so looks like things are good to go! Good luck everyone!

@POSEIdOON Inks can be intimidating at first, but like a lot of things in art the trick to getting good at inks is just to do some challenging projects with them. It also helps a bunch to use erasable blueline pencils for marking down the layout before you get into the real thing. I use Ticonderoga 420Ts, but some artists prefer to use lightboxes instead.

@LadyMedusa This one is actually from a Reddit challenge I like to do called RedditGetsDrawnwhere people post pics of their pets, friends, and family and artists come in and draw them.


That looks amazing!


Here’s Day 1:

For this one I used a brush pen since everything I have for dip pen inking is at home (and my scanner). I’ve added a few process pics below.


Nice work!


Nice inks dude! :slight_smile:


Scan and final photo for day 1 is up. Now just need to post on social media. :slight_smile:


Nice perspective, very much how we see dogs on the world.


Impressive! You pen-handling skills are amazing :o


Great work!
Thank you for the tips SmallPoly. Now i see your proccess with your second day. Great skills.


For day 2,I took a shot at filming a tutorial with some of my own camera gear and a little extra from work. If all goes well I"ll be posting it up on my Youtube channel sometime later today.


Ooh, looking forwards to seeing your progress on YouTube :). That is one boss looking cat. Very well done :slight_smile: