Smaller preview (like Navigator but 50%)


I am making small images, icons, buttons and some other stuff, that will be really small. When it becames small some of the details are merging themselves and I have absolutely different result. So I need a preview. The problem is that the Navigator can not be resized smaller than about 88x88. I need some “realtime” preview… Any solutions?


I am quite sure that the navigator doesnt apply the same method in resizing the image (in this case zooming in/out) when you resize an image PS uses an algorithm that resizes the image based on pixels (and where they are in relation to others, and their colour)

When you zoom in and out in PS the navigator is applying the same method, so this wouldnt be an accurate representation of what you want. So really the only way, is to export it at the size you want and see what it does…

And it is inevitable that if you design something at a larger size than your intended result…you will loose detail.


Yes, but the other way is to set havigator to show it in it’s real size and zoom the image. This is better but the problem is the same - if the image is small the Navigator will make it bigger…


You can try creating a “new” window of your current work by going to Window->Arrange->New Window for “xxx” (where xxx is the name of the document you are working on).

It will pop up a new window of the same document. Now you can zoom out or in the document in the new window and continue working on your original window. Your changes will be reflected in the new window too.

So its a good way to know how your final result will look like at a zoom out percentage in real time as opposed to manually zoom out to get a better picture of your work.


That is! Excelent! Thanx!


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