Small Wacom vs. Big 3rd party tablet...


I am in the market for a pen display tablet, I’m a concept artist and am looking for something to just get me going with a digitizer.
I am thinking I will buy the Wacom 13HD cintiq, but the cheaper 3rd party tablets like yiynova or hurion are tempting just for a larger screen…
Any comments? is screen size important?


“It depends…”

I think the 3rd party tablets are decent alternatives if your budget is small. The digitizing technology of 3rd party tablets has improved over the years to point where it rivals Wacom’s digitizer. However, they’re still playing catch-up on the display part. The LCD display on the 19" Yiynova is a TFT LCD which has a narrower viewing angle than the IPS LCD displays used in Wacom’s Cintiq tablets. A lot of artists who returned their Yiynova pen display tablets complained about color shifting when they looked at the display from angles other than dead on. Yiynova is working on a 22" pen display model that uses an IPS LCD display but it’s not quite ready yet. At one point, they were still using VGA connectors. shudder

Screen display size is a rather personal preference, but I think the bigger, the better. My reasoning is that the larger digitizing surface allows you to paint more loosely and gesturally, using your whole arm. A smaller pen display might force you to only use your wrist. Then again, I’ve also heard that there is a thing as “too big.” A few artists suffer from shoulder pain because they’re using the 22/24" Cintiqs. I don’t know if this problem is related to the angle of use – if you use the Cintiq near vertical, you tend to hold your arm up all the time. If you use the Cintiq near horizontal, you can rest your forearm on the tablet. shrug

It’s easy to recommend 3rd party pen tablets if you’re trying to save some money and can live with the color shift of the cheaper quality LCD display. Otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with getting the 13HD Cintiq.