Small team looking for new talented members


Hello, we are looking for new members to help us make our game. In particular we are looking for:

- 3D artists

  • character, vehicles, machines, guns and combat gear
  • to be able to work from concepts, reference images and turnarounds
  • good imagination (fill what is missing on concepts)
  • sculpting highpoly models and baking the to lowpoly with normal maps will be a plus
  • environmental artists - houses, props, etc.
  • tools: any 3d software that can export to OBJ and MD5 (plugins)

- 2D artists

  • texture artist (PRIORITY) - producing textures and unwrapping models
  • be able to produce diffuse maps, normal maps (sculpt and bake), specular maps and glow maps
  • UI artist - designing menus and logo

- Concept artists

  • deliver mature and well polished concepts for characters, guns and combat gear, vehicles, machines and environmental props (you can choose your field if you’re specialized in only one type of concept arts)
  • be able to produce high quality concepts that are actually useful for 3d artists (at first general concepts outlining the idea, then detailed turnarounds, you have to be able to finish what you’ve started)
  • be open to constructive criticism
  • be creative and eager to submit own ideas that work well with our vision, be active and participate in shaping our new world
  • understanding of male and female anatomy, body proportions, facial expressions is required (all of these are required for character concept artist)
  • understanding of mechanic designs and usability (mech, robotics, vehicles)
  • understanding of perspective, light and shadowing (for environment artists it’s a must)
  • any comic art or storyboarding experience would be a great plus (you will prototype cinematic sequences that will guide 3d team)
  • tools: digital art is highly preferred (it’s usually more clear and allows easy manipulation and editing): Photoshop, Gimp, Painter; but traditional art is also acceptable if you can meet the requirements
  • interest in sci-fi genre and technological news is desired

We are working on story driven FPS game which is taking place in near future. To some point we are open to suggestions and new ideas, so you have plenty of artistic freedom.

You will receive test task(s) that will prove you’re man of actions, not words. This project is unpaid, so far we don’t have much funds but we are decided to put commitment into it and will continue this long journey. All of the roles require highly motivated spirits that are willing to put lot of effort in this project and also good communication skills are essential.

WARNING to all impatient people - this project is ambitious and we are not making any quality shortcuts! If you are going to bail soon - don’t waste our time

You will be asked to sign an NDA and copyright agreement after completing test task(s) and before entering our team (over 18’s only).

Teaser video #1: YouTube link

Target systems: PC/Windows
Gameplay type: story driven single player FPS

Who are we:
We are team of people who shares the same passion. Some of us are already working in gaming industry and developing this project on spare time. Some of us are working in other game non-related fields. Some of us are still learning and finding their way to surface. What we all have in common is desire to put our hearts into this project and mark our presence in gaming industry.

What we use:

  • own inhouse engine and level editor
  • shared dropbox account
  • private forum
  • library of existing assets (constantly growing)
  • project management platform
  • Skype for weekly meetings
  • documentation including GDD, scenario script, TDD, tutorials

Current team members:

  • 1 x project coordinator, programmer, from time to time 2d/3d artist, game designer, writer, webmaster
  • 3 x programmer
  • 6 x concept artist
  • 1 x lead 3d artist/modeler
  • 6 x 3d artist/modeler
  • 2 x sound designer/musician

What you gain:

  • experience
  • you can use your works on portfolio (assets not breaching NDA, ie plot unrelated)
  • be part of fun and original project (your name will me mentioned in credits)
  • possible future compensation when project gets successful (we have in mind several funding scenarios)[/INDENT]

Thanks for looking.

Contact info:
Email: (general inquiries)
Email: (for concept artists)
Email: (for 3d artists)


If anyone is still interested, we are still looking for members. First post is updated.


can anyone without game development background even participate?


Yes, we can work with people that don’t have game development background or experience. As long as they meet the requirements that we posted.


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