small star fighter



been chipping away at this for a while, concepts my own with some references taken from BSG, this is for a game project Im working on using the torque engine. looking for any further suggestions to improve. Done in maya 5, 1.9K polys with 2x512 texture maps.



The texture looks a bit too blurred. 512 should be enough, so you could try touching it up in photoshop.

Or it’s just the jpeg that makes it look blurry.


the Jpeg compression is blurring a bit…


nice shape, looks very smooth. You could really make it pop by pushing the texture more. you have the panel edges and some good dirt and grim, but the blue paint looks briight and new. start working on the paint and the read decals, make them chipped, scratched and faded. have dirt stains streaking from the leading edge of the wing back…

Is the cockpit final? If not, you might want to put a little work into that as well…

Here is a little reference for you.

Hope this helps. Looking good, can’t wait to see it when your done. Good luck!


much appreciated berg, exactly the kind of feedback I was after :slight_smile: , will get to work on this and post an update shortly.




Very nice model, realy cool. but as the other guys said the texture is abit blurry, just fix dat and ul b laughing…:thumbsup:


ok, made some tweaks here and there, sharpened the texture a bit, kinda near completion on this, its a first at low poly and Ive learned a good bit from it. let me know what you think, any areas that look crap (be blunt I can handle it :)), also below is a loink to the wire if anyone is interested… thanks again for viewing.



I would drop the saturation on your red and blue patches, and increase their lightness - the HSV dialog can be your very best friend when you’re doing those last couple touch-ups! Good progress so far!


gordon, that looks really good! can you give any more info on your project? do you have a website?


thanks for the encouragement and suggestions folks, Grove, some folks on gamedev asked me if I could model a few bits n peices for them for a space shooter their working on, this is a small space fighter I modelled and textured for them, its my first attempt at low ply and I learned a good deal from it. I dont have a web site just yet (currently putting one together). modelling done with maya and texturing with PS.



what about the other folks working on the project, do they have a website?


Yes they do, link below to the team Im helping out.


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