Small Business Render Help



I was wondering if someone could spare a little of their time to help me please.

I run a small business with my father, we specialise in interior design specifically for residential garages. So we like to display our products in a potential customers garage using a 3D visualisation service to help customer visualise. The dilemma is that we’re getting busier (great problem to have) and when rendering it completely consumes my computer which isn’t ideal.

I’ve tried googling for advice on what might be the best option for a small business but it’s heavily marketed. What would be the best option from a professional opinion? Should we buy a entirely new PC for dedicated renders or would it be wise to use a cloud based render service where we rent a server to do all the work per image? Perhaps there is another way round this but I’m not sure. We’d quite happily spend 2k or maybe more for a PC if we knew we’d get a good results for speed. We are currently using Sketchup Pro with Twilight Render.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


can you post some examples of the work you guys are doing. renders etc
how many clients a week do you have. how much time is dedicated to rendering?
if its a business and your rending youll want a machine with as many cores as you can get a good render machine that renders quickly will likely be about 4k depending on hard drive type and space. You can pull it off on a 2k build but if its for client work I would invest.

post some more details and we can point you in the right direction for some cloud rendering or pc builds


Hi Travis, thanks for the reply! I’m still going through a learning curve as you can see, the quality and finish isn’t where I would like it to be. Fortunate for me I don’t have to deal with complex models.

Currently we have no more than two or maybe three clients a week who want the visualisation service. However when changes are made we’d also like to re-illustrate their garage layout. We currently have a new website in the works and would also like to future proof for any influx on demand.

Speed is key (stating the obvious) in getting these renders out to customers as quickly as possible but not compromising on the quality, we really do want the wow factor. What we currently try and do is have 3 to 4 screenshot sketchup plans along with a rendered image of their garage front, looking in. It would be nice if the render was done in relatively good time not leaving us waiting round all day so to send off the quote!

With very little experience I have no idea what kind of money is needed to be spent to get the results we hope to receive.

Thank you for spending some of your valuable time! Hope to hear from you soon.


Has anyone had a chance to have a look at this? Time is precious I know but I’d greatly appreciate it.


It really depends upon your current computer specs, render times for those images and what type of performance you’re expecting from a new system. One thing you can do on your end would be to check the Twilight forum for benchmark scenes, test your current system against the results posted there and price out a new system based upon that info.