SM 29 - 12-09-2012 to 12-16-2012


SM 29 - 12-09-2012 to 12-16-2012

Hello and welcome to the 29th Speedmodelling Challenge! This time from Sunday to Sunday.

This weeks theme is: Studio Ghibli!

So, I hope all of you know some Ghibli-Films! The idea is to make some assets known from the films.

Some examples:

Mononoke-himes mask
The boot from PONYO
The Candy Box from Grave of the Fireflies
The airplane from Nausicaä
you name it. You can whatch the films or search for pictures in the interent. No restrictions.

Again grab as much reference as you need.

Try to model it as fast as you can - since it is speedmodelling!

And last but not least: Have fun!


seems like noone liked this SMCs-Theme.

Does anyone want to do the next? Cause I am on vacation and might not have time to do this.


First time posting here!

Haven’t modeled a character since 2007 or so, took too long at four hours. But I’m getting my feet wet again, and it feels good. It’s the robot from Castle in the Sky: Laputa.

No textures, only materials. Time includes setting up the render, and I also messed with a rig before I remembered that I have to paint weights and called it quits.

I think it’s a good topic, and I overshot (character, not an object), but it at least made me want to participate after years of hibernation. I hope that’s worth something :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of the unsubdivided version, modeled in Silo.


Hey i Bumped into this thread and was still wondering if these challenges where still active and if i could join in? Thanks :smiley:

Nice Robot Model :smiley:


WIP- Hope I have time to finish this, it’s Lisa’s car from Ponyo. So far I have spent around 2 hours on this. I’m a bit rusty so not as fast as I would have liked.


Any time’s a good time to practice I think, and thanks!

Nice! I’m in the same boat as being rusty, but you’re in much better shape than I am :slight_smile: I still haven’t made a car from start to finish.


Hey guys, thanks for the participation! You can always add new pictures of models to existing challenges. No restrictions here - it’s all about getting better and grab some feedback (in the best case)

The robot is great - since he is more square than organic, he should get a spot under the objects-list :wink:

@ Mackin

Did you finished the car? Would love to see it all completed.


I was meant to post this before christmas, but never got round to it. The total model time actually turned out to be around 6 hours…I’m very rusty :slight_smile:


Hey Mackin,

thanks for sharing. This car looks quite recognizable. You did a good job on this! I would appreciate it if you’d also join our SMCs in 2013 too.

Actually I think Studio Ghibli should start doing 3D-Films. They would be sooooo great.


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