SM 28 - 12-02-2012 to 12-09-2012


SM 28 - 12-02-2012 to 12-09-2012

Hello and welcome to the 28th Speedmodelling Challenge! This time from Sunday to Sunday.

This weeks theme is: Game Weapons!

So it is up to you which weapons you wanna make - be sure to grab enough references (pictures from the internet or ingame-screenshots):

Basic idea:

all of us will probably have a favourite game. So as an example, you like Final Fantasy than try to model the weapon of your favourite charactere in there.

Also show us your reference pictures and the wireframes of your model!
You can do one or more weapons - up to you! You can also design your own than it would be nice to see what weapons you got inspired on.

Try to model it as fast as you can - since it is speedmodelling!

And last but not least: Have fun!


just a quickie…35mins (ish)

Goldeneye Proximity Mine



beauty render:


pokeball consider a weapon right…haha

spend more time then it supposes to be, lots of time been used to figure out the wireframe behind the ball to get a smoother look. and this is the best i can do for the wireframe…

maybe try model something else faster next time so will match the purpose of this challenge. anyways, here’s my ball and wireframe.:stuck_out_tongue:


Wow guys!

I love the ideas you coming up with! (I expected guns and swords, lol)

Love the pokeball, wireframe is a lil dense for such a tiny object but ok I guess.
I think I would have used not as much gemoetry a polygon sphere primitive - cut out the front faces and then beveled the outer edges (after extruding inward). And you have a really nice render zhongli! I almost expected to see Ash and Pikachu in the reflections :wink:

keep up the good work!


Thanks Sunday, just try your method and found out it’s more easier and the wireframe become better. By the way, I hope to see your weapon here as well. cheers~


red queen from DMC4, spent about 2hours for this…


Hey Zhongli,

nice that you tried the method I suggested.

You are right I should attend my own SMCs. I am currently learning softimage and somehow don’t find time to model for the SMC. I am more into Character modelling - cause that is what a potential employer wants to see from me.

Your sword is looking great!

Do you have ideas for the next SMC? You could host one yourself, you know? ^^


Too busy this week to post myself, but these look great. Good work everyone.


I know this session’s over, but wanted to participate.

Squall’s Gunblade from Final Fantasy VIII. Spent almost four hours or so. Need to finish the Griever charm shape on the chain, and optimize it for smoothing. Once that’s done off to Mudbox it goes to sculpt Griever and the carving on the side of the blade.

(Full Size )

Pretty ugly mesh, but I was racing against the clock (though I could have gotten away with making this much simpler). Those chains were annoying to lay out.

(Full Size )

Awesome reference image from DA:


Laying out a chain is a pain, yes. There is a workaround - that gets mostly nice results.

Duplicate all the chainparts in one row, rotating it always 90 degrees and translating them forward to fit snug into each other. Then combine all parts, make a curve that is laying how you would want the chain to lay around and then use the curve as a wiredeformer. If you dont have too many direction changes it should work fine.
If a few parts are deformed you can still seperate all again and exchange the deformed parts.

Hope this helps.

And nice work!


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