Sluggomonster - help with perspective?


So, here’s a piece I’m working on right now. It started just as a quick sketch, and then I quite liked where it was headed. Some of my friends call med “sluggo” so that’s where the name comes from…

Anyhow, I think the perspective is a bit off and I can’t quite figure it out. Could someone please point out the errors? I’ve been working a bit too much on this to see myself, so another pair of eyes would be very much appreciated.

Of course, any other criticisms are also welcome.


Seems the image link got broken, so here’s a new one:


Just my thoughts, i might be severely wrong.
The the lens angle seems too small. Well of course there is no lens here, but if there were this would be something in the 20mm zone.Something along the lines on this picture:
If you look at it the 70mm looks normal, while 20mm is distorted. The 70 mm shoulders are on less of an angle compared to 20. The same thing is happening in your picture.
This reminds me of first homework in perspective class. You usually get to draw boxes and studants always draw some correct, but very unrealistic boxes that are more suited for 300 meter skyscraper than a match box.
So you need to set your horizon points abit wider for this portrait to look non distorted.
Good luck on your work.


Thanks for your input! :slight_smile:

Do you mean that the whole figure looks to be shot with a wide angle lense? I think the head is in fairly normal angle of view, but I suppose the small ear, big eye and bulging forms could give the impression of a wider angle. I think the body is way off though, which is probably why it seems to be leaning strangely. Though, I’m not sure how to plot the perspective properly. They way I do it makes it even weirder…


Here’s an update. A bit sloppy and dirty, but it feels more on the right track:


Just for fun, it’s a WIP-thread after all…started this piece from a quick doodle I made while watching Family Guy. I’ve picked up the habit of drawing/doodling on the iPad or a sketchbook while watching TV. Seems like a practice that might pay off.


After some editing, tweaking and starting to add texture: