Slide ~150 joints along a curve?


Hi, I want to slide ~150 joints along a curve, like a train following a curved track, suggestions?

The joints do not need to be parented to each other. My plan uses a cube parented inside a cloner that is set to object mode and targeting a curve and then animate the offset of all the cubes along the curve. Export as an fbx to bake animation of cubes. Import and swap each cube out for a joint using “replace with” to preserve cubes animation keys on joints.

This is for Unity, so a “spline wrap” deformer is out and 100 plus blend shape is too heavy.



I posted a file similar, I think. It might be helpful.
Here’s the

“Attached is a file which includes an XPresso setup called Mapped Spline or Spline
On Spline by Mazab. Great for animating a rigged snake along a path.”

Hope it helps. Getting animation into Unity can be pretty tricky.
*Edit: Also, I may be wrong, but I don’t think you can import joints into Unity. I assume it would come in as an animation that would still need to be applied to a skinned model.


Thank you, Jamal. The expresso rig is exactly what I was looking for! I did it the long way and will use the rig in future… Unity does accept joints/skinned deformer…check it out.