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ADVICE NEEDED. :arteest:




Hi, I think you need to do some exercices drawing from rough to detail. It looks to me (consider the face in your last post) like you start with some lines to kind of resemble what you want to draw and then you add features so it starts looking better. My advice to you is that shading and details (such as the teeth of the head) will not bring your objects to life. Exercice sketching (only very few rough strokes) and exercise as long as it takes for your few-lines-sketches to come to “life”. The details and shades then are just that: Details. They wont make your object look better if it didn’t already look food when it was just a few lines.

Good luck :slight_smile:


What do you mean from rough to detail?

But it’s true what you say…I copy shapes as best I can to get the final result. O_o

I am copying from pictures btw.


Dave chappelle. :open_mouth:


I think one of your main issues is that your doing just the contures of and image. Try doing just the negetive and positve space that you see in them. Build you painting in layers like blocks. That may get you a better result.


Random teleprompter guy :arteest:




Komodo Dragon!


Mark Hamill and Yoda :arteest:

Improved Komodo



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