Sleeping_Princess, Prashant Suyal (3D)


Title: Sleeping_Princess
Name: Prashant Suyal
Country: India
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi Guys
here is my latest artwort done for cgarena “Beautifull challenge”. basic mesh done with 3ds max and did all the detailing part, Pose and body texture with zbrush.
Hope you guys like it.

*Inspired By Lara Swift Photography


I think that you have captures the essence of the original image really well and by adding that little extra chaos such as the pedals and changing of the hair direction you created your own essence in a way. Overall this is a very vivid image and comes across strong. The highlights and bends are all clean and it seems that the mesh was well thought out, excellent job.


Fantastic - all I have to say


Wow. very beatiful picture. I like it


wooooovov super jobbb super cg girl super totaly
please send detail wire etc. how did you do it?


Some C’s:
-the hair falls too artificial.
-the right hand is in a weird pose, it looks very exhausting/displeasing.
-the chequered cloth in the upper right is distracting.

apart from that, its a very beautiful picture. :thumbsup:


I agree with everything moonangel said, especially the wrist. it is a very nice image with excellent modeling and texture work. congrats!:cool:


Fantasy princess, love the mood you’ve achieved with your art. Remember the tales that my mother talked to me in my chilhood. Beautiful!


That’s some crazy work. 5 stars,


OMG, i love the lights. :bounce:


tweetytunes,Lizzard4000, arizaga, TimBjork, Firerbert and berzitxo: Thank you guys. :blush:

souledge3: Thanks man here is the wire and shaded version

moonangel: Thanks for your feedback really appreciate it. Agree with you will fix those things later. :slight_smile:

you guys can also chk the following links for overall progress

Thanks again…




And Congratulations :bounce: to you for Winning this ‘Beautiful’ challenge on :applause:, :beer::bowdown::thumbsup::), awesome work! waiting to see its work in process


Wonderful!!! I just loved the final comp, color & feel of your scene, also the modeling is impressive “simple” and beautiful, keep it up friend, 5 stars from me :beer:


the right hand is in a weird pose, it looks very exhausting/displeasing.


no words… :bowdown:

congratulations. :slight_smile:


ohh yes thank you for wire and detail


Very nice work, but I agree with critics from moonangel :thumbsup:


Brilliant, simply brilliant!


The hands look strange… maybe they would need more detail.

But, it’s a fantastic work at all, 4 stars


how I missed that one?Beautiful work!:thumbsup: